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  1. petal4

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    Browneyedgirl - You are so right about the "4 month sleep regression" thing! I looked it up on google and Ethan is displaying some of the classic signs of it, especially with the waking up and screaming! It sounds like he's in pain! Also he is teething which probably doesnt help matters.
    Thanks for telling me about it honey!

    Hayley xx
  2. fate1499

    fate1499 New Member

    Oh wow, I really thought I was the only one with the sleeping problems. I have been EXHAUSTED lately. I was just saying today that it's almost worse than when she was a newborn. Journey goes to bed at around 10-1030, wakes up at 230, 530, and again around 7ish right before I leave for work. Then she's up for most of the day, takes a short nap when I get home from work, and another one around 730-8ish. I have honestly been so fed up about it.

    She only sleeps when she's on me or touching me in some way. It's really frustrating. She can be dead asleep and if I put her down she's up within seconds. It's horrible. I've bred a monster.

    Also, she screams. More like squeals. Squawks, etc. It's like her new way of crying. She just screams. It's ridiculous.

    Anyway, she can sit up now. If I sit her up first, she can keep her balance for however long she wants. It's pretty impressive.

    She's been eating baby food. All kinds. Her favorite is green beans and carrots. We usually feed her twice a day and she can eat a whole container of the Gerber 1st foods.

    I think that's all to report. I've been really tired, depressed, and busy lately so I'm rarely on here. I'm still keeping track of everyone and make sure to look at the pics though. You guys are always so busy, it takes me forever to catch up! And then when I want to reply, I forget what I was gonna say or to whom because I've read so far past it!!
  3. brown eyed girl

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    Hayley, you are welcome!!! I didn't know about it either and I posted my complaint on another "parenting" site and someone left me a message letting me know that there was such a thing, particularly in the 19th week, which was EXACTLY where DOnovan was at when he regressed in his sleeping habits! SO weird!!! Yeah, and the teething doesn't help either, that's for sure!!!

    Okay, every where I go, people insist my baby looks like my husband and he does, but he also bears a strong resemblence to me, or am I crazy???

    Here are some old baby photos of me. Can anyone who has seen Donovan's photos before also see the likeness???



  4. fate1499

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    Aw, so cute! He definitely resembles you as a baby. I think people tend to see the strong Indian features of your husband, which is why they want to say that. DD#1 looked EXACTLY like her dad when she came out. It took her awhile to actually be "cute" or "pretty". She wasn't the cutest newborn at all! Haha... but Journey Love came out looking identical to me. My mom said it was scary how much we looked alike. Now she looks just like my mom, both when she was little and now.

    And I yell at Journey all the time. I have little patience. Very very little. Once she gets to the point where she's just being ridiculous, I'll tune her out and just let her cry. I can't stand it and Aija gets really nervous, but after I've done everything she's still going. I'm not just gonna sit there and hold her while she's squirming and trying to get away from me.
  5. eve07

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    allison, he really looks like you, especially in that 2nd picture!

    i think that they change so much and so often that they go from looking like one parent one day to the other the next day. my relatives swear cooper is the spitting image of me... and my husband's relatives swear that he looks just like him.
  6. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Eve07, I agree, they often look like one parent sometimes and the other othertimes. I sent both of these photos to another person via email and they thought the same thing- that he especially looks like me in the second photo....

    Ang, I know he looks like my husband as well and that's just fine. Hubby is a handsome man, but when I look at my baby photos, it's like I am looking at Donovan. It's kind of surreal!

    Also, the fact that he is a boy, people always tend to say, "He looks like his father," even though there are plenty of sons out there who look like their mothers and plenty of daughters who look like their dads lol!

    Most of the time I get the comment, "Well, I haven't seen your husband, but your baby must look like him because he looks nothing like you."

    Thanks a lot! You mean I went through 9 months of pregnancy, gaining 60 lbs and childbirth to have a baby who doesn't look like me at all??? LOL!

    Oh well, what can you do about these things???


  7. Bron

    Bron New Member

    Glad to know I'm not the only one yelling at my baby - I felt so guilty - usually I have so much patience and just sing to her, but I'd had it. Yesterday went much better and we pushed her bath time back a bit, DH came home from work early so we watched a DVD with Laurana awake - I just wander round the room holding her and we put the subtitles on and get to do both even if she yells or starts chatting.

    Also glad to hear about the 4 month sleep regression. Laurana did go down at 19:30 last night, slept til about 22:30 (and usually she slept til 03:00) then was awake again at 04:00 - wide awake - in the end I put her in her cot and got back into bed and she seemed to amuse herself asleep - either that or I was so tired I never heard her moaning. At 05:00 I put her in the bed with us though cause she kept waking up and she wriggled and wormed around in the bed - she is so active in her sleep that she doesn't stay asleep much. I am napping with her in te day if possible cause I am so exhausted.

    TDG it sounds like you are really busy - I would hate for DH to go away so long. When does he leave?

    Angela that's great Journey can sit up - Laurana is more stable, but not there yet - I suspect it will still be a few weeks.

    Allison I can also definitely see the resemblance between you and Donovan. Everyone says L looks like my DH and it does get to me sometimes, but I think they are right anyway. Would love to get hold of some of my baby photos though and just see.

    My daughter is starting to yell again - better run - she's taken to screaming and squealing in a voice that I am never sure if she is happy or about to really cry - usually I just wait to find out.
  8. gutterflower

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    Hey ladies been awhile since I've posted. Audrey has been great, we've started putting her in her crib about 2 weeks ago and I put her to bed around 9-10pm and she wakes up at 5am, then after she feeds, i put her back to bed until about 9:30am. During the day, after she feeds every 3 hours, she stays awake for about 2-3 hours, then naps towards then end when she's about to feed. We also think she has started teething since she has been drooling here and there. On Friday we leave for our trip north which is about a 10 hour trip and I plan on keeping her to her schedule as much as possible. I'll also be pumping in the car LOL.

    Allison, Donovan does look like you as a baby. You and DH must have similar features. Everyone says Audrey only looks like DF and nothing like me aswell. It does kind of hurt a bit, since i also gained 65 lbs to give birth to my baby girl who looks only like daddy. MInd you I think that she kind of looks like me too as a baby.

    Audrey at 2 months weighed 12 lbs 10 oz and was 24.5 inches long.
  9. petal4

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    Hey ladies,

    I had Ethan weighed today and he is now 15lbs 12oz, not as much as I thought but heavy enough!! I also had his length done and he is now 67.5cm (26.5 inches), he is in the 91st precentile on his chart, thats one long baby!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to update!

    Hayley xx
  10. amber1

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    hi ladies,

    just got back from Anthony's 4 month chek up ,the doctor say he is doing good he weigh 18 pounds 2 onz and is 26.5 inches, he told me to go ahead and start him on solids but not fruits only vegetables for now and all kind of baby cereal, plus he got 3 shots the doctor say he is not going to get any fever from them.

    brown yes he look just like you.

    take care all speak soon...
  11. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Junet- WOW! He's a big, healthy boy!!!! Congrats! That's wonderful!!!!! Thanks for saying D looks like me!

    More photos of Donovan. One in his "turtle outfit" and one of him asleep in his jumperoo, bless his heart...



  12. gutterflower

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    Okay ladies, it's time to archive! I will create a new one for you [​IMG]

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