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  1. sharky

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    Thanx for the welcome!

    Well I've heard all you guys talk bout all the signs to look for when you ovulate and I must be honest I was a little sceptical [​IMG] But true to myself (glad this thread is anonymous!) on the 26th I tried to feel my cervix and noted the CM on my finger was definitely NOT stringy and elasticy like they said it would be when you ovulate.

    Just to note my prescribed fertility friend (yes ok, ok, I did the whole plotting my CD too! - so much for not thinking bout TTC!) and the date it said I would ovulate was the 27th. SOOOO.... on the 27th I got like dull sort of period pains with a more stabbing pain by where I should imagine my ovaries would be (I also read that part bout pain on one of the websites and thought yeah right, who on earth gets those [​IMG]) Well I did. Miss sceptical herself.

    SOOOO... then I thought AHA must be the placebo affect! I'm imagining it! [​IMG] (Argued with myself the whole day as if I was convinced I could not be ovulating! - which isnt too far fetched cos been on BC since 16 so really new to this whole release-an-egg thing [​IMG])

    SOOOO... true to form I tried the whole cervix and CM thing. Couldnt believe my eyes [​IMG] The CM was all elasticy!!! Told DH right we had to BD immediately! He was tired from a days hard work putting up a roof thing so said in the morning. After reading that the egg only lasts a really limited time I forced him (well not really but promised him Id do all the work [​IMG])

    Sorry too much Information! My point of this whole thing is WOW you guys really do know what youre talking about so I'll definitely pay closer attention [​IMG]

    Now the long 2 week wait to test... I admire all you guys who have been in this process for long. You must all be incredibly strong. Good luck to all of you!
  2. jesslene07

    jesslene07 New Member

    I too am struggling woth coming off the pill and am on a hormone rollercoaster ride! I never imagined that coming off the pill would be such a pain. I was on ortho cyclen for 5 years and then swithched to ortho try lo for another 5 yrs. I have been off the pill for 6 weeks now and still waiting for Aunt Flo to make her appearance.
    I didn't have too many side effects on the pill i really had no complaints - a little weight gain and a little Nausea when starting a new pack but nothing to seroius. I would spot lightly when i switched to ortho lo.
    Since being off the pill I have been moody,bloated,tired,
    nauseas and dizzy. This all first lead me to belive I was prego already! [​IMG] BFN and after googling side effects of pill I found this site. what a relief I am not crazy there are other women going through the same exact stuff!
    my moodiness has now subsided hopefully because my hormones are starting to regulate. [​IMG] I have had some spotting for a couple days actually kinda heavey with light cramping but def not enough to be Aunt Flo. My sex drive is back which was severley missed by both me and hubby. I have also been really thirsty don't know if this is hormonal but I am guessing it is.
    I have to admit it feels good to be off the pill even with the side effects I always had an underlying concern of what it was doing to my body. I do miss the predictabilty thouogh I knew the day and time Aunt Flo was arriving now I have no clue when or if shes going to show up. [​IMG]
    I am a firm beliver that all things happen for a reason and things will happen when God is ready to give us a child. Altough its only been 6 weeks I can tell it will be an exciting and anxious journey to our BFP. So happy i found this site to read others expierences and share my own!
  3. Ginrun

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    Jesslene, I feel your pain. I have been going through almost the exact same thing, as you can read in my above post. I spotted for 10 days, some heavier than others, and then it just stopped. It was too light to be my period, but I see no other signs that the dumb thing is coming, so maybe it was. Who knows. I have been off the pill for almost 6 weeks as well. I really just wanted to get those chemicals out of my system for one, but a baby would be an added bonus. I know my husband and I said that we would just see what happens but I find myself super excited to get things started. I'm hoping it happens more quickly than we think! Good luck with everything!
  4. Alluring-Ash

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    I wanted to pop in and wish you all lots of luck, I love how some of you put the smilies in your posts it makes it very dun/funny to read through! I wish you all fast and easy pregnancies!!
  5. ladyofstyle

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    hey ladies! i am so glad that i found a forum where i can interact with so many women who are or want to be mommies!
  6. sthrngirl

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    <span style="font-family: 'Georgia'"> </span>
    Hi everyone. I am not exactly new to this board, I have been following all of you guys for about 2 years now and I have to say that you all have actually helped me out more than my doc has. Anyways, the reason I am posting is because dh and I have been ttc #2 together but #3 for me and we have been ttc for 11 months now. We have been through the ups and downs of the dreaded 2ww and it has taken its toll so we decided to "stop" TTC and see what happens. Well still nothing! I am a little concerned, because of my past which I will go into in just a moment, about what is going on. I am having alot of pain and it is only after I ovualate that I have it. I don't know if it is implantation pain or what but sometimes it is severe.

    Now to my past. As a teenager I had severe cramping with my periods and they were always really heavy. Then I ended up having 2 miscarriages and then finally got pg with my son which in now 9. After having him I got and IUD (10 yr one) and had no problems at all with it. Well then I met my dh and we decided we wanted to ttc. Well I went to my OB and explained the pains that I had been having and we did some test and he thought I might have endometriosis. He scheduled for me to have exploratory surgery and told me and dh to keep trying if we wanted to. Well anyways the day of my surgery I found out I was pregnant with my Daughter, and only after 3 months of trying. She is now 2 1/2.

    Now comes to the hard part. DH and I decided that we wanted to TTC for our 3rd and have been trying for 11 months now. I have been keeping up with my periods and ovulation and so far it seems to be on track. I have a 28 to 30 day cycle, and ovulate right around 14 to 16 days. Well after trying for awhile now, I think I might need to go and consult my OB and see what is going on. I am only 30 but my family has alot of history of uterine problems after they have had all their children, but it seems like I am the only one that is having a problem getting pregnant. I know alot of you ladies have been trying alot longer than I have so maybe you have some suggestions for me. Should I go and start the testing process or should I wait it out a little longer. Any advice will be taken. As all of you ladies know the yearning your body feels for a baby and that is what I have been going through since having my DD. If I go to the OB what am I in store for? Pls help, I am starting to not want to try anymore! [​IMG]

  7. Smock

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    Hello, I am new to this forum. I actually just found it while searching around on the internet. [​IMG]
    My DH and I have been ttc for 7 long months. Not quite 12 so I couldn't join the other ttc for more than 1 year. Has anyone else in here been trying for a while? It's really starting to bother me more and more each day. Doc said he won't start testing until ttc for 1 year. Grrrrr [​IMG]
  8. leeaman7777

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You will find everyone here very helpful and supportive. Feel free to browse the board and find more helpful and informative info as well... [​IMG]
  9. MyrtleWarbler

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    Smock... I remember that 6-12 month timeframe was very frustrating. You feel like "OK, so apparantly we aren't faster than average, but we have to still assume we are normal." You are in between worlds. If you are actually charting and can document for certain that you have had sex at the right time every month, I don't think waiting a full year should be required. But, if you are are just in "wing it" mode, you could very easily get to 7 months and not be preg just due to missed timing and the fact that even when your timing is right, your chances are about 25% at best. Frustration is not the same thing as Infertility, but I know it's no fun either!! Hang in there!
  10. Sweetjonzy

    Sweetjonzy New Member

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site and excited about joining. I am hoping for some helpful answers. My husband and myself are going to ttc in Feb so we are using protection this month.

    I finished my last pack in late dec and AF came as normal on Dec 31st. I started tracking my CM in Jan. I know that it may be too early since I just got off but we are super excited and I can't help myself. It is hard since I am not supposed to get my real AF (post pills) until the end of Jan but I am noticing the changes in CM.

    On Jan 17th I had some mild cramping and felt very wet down there(sorry so graphic) When I got home and went to the bathroom I noticed a dime size brown/clear tinted stretchy clump of CM on my underwear. It was a one time thing but have still notice being wetter. I am still having some mild cramping and it is the 19th (I didn't notice any cramping on the 18th). Could I have ovulated?

    Thank you.
  11. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Yes it sounds like you may have! Welcome to the boards [​IMG] x
  12. Sweetjonzy

    Sweetjonzy New Member

    Good morning.

    It is now almost a week since I ovulated ( OPK testing, just noticing changes in CM) and I am still having mild cramping. Hopefully I will be getting AF next week (1st real one post pills) I never experienced cramping before and was wondering if this is just a side effect form coming off the pill or does period cramping usually start about a week before?

  13. leeaman7777

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    Welcome Sweetjonzy,

    Yes when you first come off the pill your cycles can be crazy. I never got cramps until I came off the pill and the first cycle off the pill for me was early cramps followed by an early AF...
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  14. Sweetjonzy

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    Thank you for such a quick response! My husband tells me not to think about it so much but I am so excited to be taking such a big step in our 7 yr relationship that I can't help it! It is very interesting to notice all the changes in my body; I don't think that I have ever been so excited about CM and AF.

    It is also nice to know that there is a place I can talk with women who are going through the same thing. When I talk to friends about CM I get a lot of grossed out looks.
  15. sharky

    sharky New Member

    My first month off the pill I had bad cramping around ovulation time (not sure if I ovulated but period came 14 days after that so know it was that "time" even if it was anovulatory.) That cramping was extreme on my right side and persisted (slightly less sharp though) right up until my period. Had AWFUL period cramping which I never in my life had before for my first 3 days of period and was then fine. That cycle lasted 36 days, my second cycle lasted exactly 28. Now on my 3rd cycle, also new to all this stuff and am also SUPER excited.

    Come to think of it in my 2nd cycle I also had bad ovulation pains which also persisted till my period. And all the other BFP signs (which is y i was so hopeful [​IMG] ) like a huge cold sore, heightened sense of smell, CRAZY sexually explicit dreams (well crazier than normal I should say), some nausea, insomnia (which I have NEVER EVER had EVER). Was a BFN [​IMG] Didnt even last for the 2 week wait [​IMG] Went for a blood test after 1 week cos the anticipation was KILLING me!

    P.S. My hubby also keeps telling me to stop thinking bout it which is just impossible!!! But not thinking bout it as much cos being let down twice already kinda makes you scared to be too hopeful (im very impatient :)) It really is a big step, Ive been married for 3yrs and am now 24 - it will be my first pregnancy [​IMG]
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  16. Kalina

    Kalina New Member

    Thanks for that list! I knew some, but not a lot of those!


    BRIANAAAA New Member

    wow! We are in the same boat, i'm just as impatient as you and have been experiencing the pregnancy symptoms as well!

    The wait is killing me, and i too hae been dissappointed twice before. I'm 21, have been married for to years and it will be my first as well. I'm hopeful, but I keep telling myself to stop hyping myself up.

    I dont know much about the cramping you said you are experiencing, but i just recently (three months ago) went off the Mirena IUD, and am nervous its pushing off my fertility. [​IMG]

    We are trying. Good luck to you! I should go for a blood test too... i don't think i can wait any longer for those stupid at home test. He he [​IMG]
  18. labibliofool

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    I responded to another post without introducing myself yet, how rude.

    I'm Laura, 34, and about to finish up my last pill pack. I've got a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage and am excited to try for #2, I never expected my son *wouldn't* be an only, but then I married the most wonderful man and the rest is history.

    I'm expecting my body to need awhile to adjust to my own hormones, if I'm not pregnant by the end of summer I'll start charting. For now I'm just going to have fun and see what happens.
  19. StLGaL

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    Good luck lab and welcome! You will find so many wonderful/knowledgeable ladies on this site.
  20. nikkiwants4

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    Welcome ladies nice 2 meet you.

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