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  1. Yesterday I got my period. It was about a week late compared to the other periods I've been having in the last few months but I wasn't too concerned about it. Like always it kicked off with horrible cramps and heavy flow, which has become normal for me on centchroman. Usually the second day I feel great and my flow is much less, and the third day, it's practically not there, and then it ends.
    My boyfriend gave me some ibuprofen for the cramps and by the end of the night I was feeling tons better - no cramping and my flow even lightened up a little! I went to bed only to wake up this morning feeling something trickling down my leg.. I got up and rushed to the bathroom and my period had come back full force. To keep it short, I'm not exaggerating when I say there was actually a pool of blood in my underwear. What's worse is I found a piece of flesh when I wiped, about an inch long and half an inch thick. I didn't exactly examine my tampon so I'm not sure if there was more or not. It wasn't a blood clot but an actual piece of pink-gray flesh that I could wash the blood off of.
    What happened? I'm obviously a little concerned here.. my cramps are back full-force too. Is it because I took the ibuprofen? Is it uterine lining that got shed too fast? A polyp? I've been reading what I can find elsewhere on the internet and some women are concerned about it being an early miscarriage but I highly doubt that; I didn't miss any other periods and this one was only a week late. Accidents happen on birth control I guess but the centchroman has been working like a charm so I highly doubt I became pregnant. I'm also curious as to why I'm bleeding so heavily all of a sudden. IT's definitely out of the norm.

    I'm thinking I'm just going to curl up back in bed and tell mom when she gets home from work at three this afternoon but I'm not sure what to do or what it possibly was. Maybe I should ask to go to the doctor? Is it something I should be worried about at all or should I just let it go?

    Thanks a ton for any advice anybody can give me.. I'm not quite sure what to do about this so any help is really appreciated.
  2. Well, my flow continued to be heavy all day today so I want to say the flesh I found was uterine lining being shed too fast to break down. It was pretty bad.. cramping all day and I changed my tampon all of six times so far (probably another time before bed and I'll have to get up and check myself throughout the night so I don't wake up with another nasty surprise in the morning) whereas I usually only have to change my tampon twice on the second day. Miserable that I got an extremely heavy flow today and I'm not quite sure why I did, but here's hoping I'll be better off tomorrow.

    If I'm still bleeding like this tomorrow I wonder if I should take some ibuprofen to help. It seemed to lighten my flow the first day, but I wonder if it's not the reason I'm bleeding so heavily today?
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    You sure you couldn't have been pregnant??
  4. GreenTea

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    I could swear I've seen a very similar post before. I can't find it with any of the obvious search terms, but the search function has never been that great. I think I may have seen something of the sort in the centchroman subforum. But I don't remember when or who posted it.
  5. Nessa: Well, it's certainly not an impossibility. But I haven't missed any periods and this one was only a week late.. although in the event this was an early miscarriage I guess it wouldn't be a period at all, so in the end I don't really know.

    The bleeding's finally started to die down within the last few hours. I expect some irregularity since I only started centchroman in late August although up until now it even seemed to regulate my periods - they'd been starting every first week of the month like clockwork and ending after three days. They'd gotten really predictable; so either this is irregularity telling me a good thing can't last forever or it's not a period at all. I just have no idea which. So I'm just to the point where I want to know what it is. I told Mom about my irregular bleeding when she got home from work today and she didn't seem too concerned even when I mentioned finding flesh in the blood.. she said we're not paying any visits to the doctor unless it's absolutely necessary and I don't think this made it on the list. Ugh. Maybe I'll talk to her about it tomorrow.

    GreenTea: Yeah, I searched and didn't find anything.. I looked in the reproductive health/centhcroman subforums but only briefly. When I dug a little deeper I found this:
    Is that the thread you're talking about? If it is I read it and iyt definitely offered some insight.

    I guess ultimately whether this irregular bleeding was a period or a very early miscarriage doesn't matter now since, if I was pregnant, I'm not anymore. But it does give me a little reason to be concerned about how well centchroman is actually working. It's been going great for me and I don't want to end up actually pregnant eventually.
  6. I guess the topic of this thread has kind of switched from reproductive health to birth control.. still, any help anybody can offer me right now would be hugely appreciated, and if I find anything out I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Hopefully I'll be able to convince mom to take me to the doctor's, if for nothing else than for some peace of mind of knowing whether I was pregnant or not.. is there any other way I can find out if she won't take me?

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    From a health perspective I would say if you continue to bleed heavily for more than another day, or if notice yourself getting pale, dizzy, or weak, you absolutely should be seen.

    I have bleeding like that with some periods but they are very irregular because of my IUD and it's within my "norm" so they don't worry me. But out of the blue like that could be indicative of something like PCOS. At the very least, when it's over go to a family planning clinic and get them to do a pap smear to make sure everything is normal!
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    I would get it checked out but a doubt a doctor could tell you if this is an early miscarriage or not.

    Before you started on the centchroman were your periods regular?
  9. Bleeding's pretty much over now, at least. So that's good news. I did get a dizzy/lightheaded/sick spell last night, but that was because Mom slipped me some vicodin, not because of my "period." That's a whole different story, though.

    No, if anything Centchroman seemed to regulate them. Beforehand they were sporadic but always light.. I've never bled so much I had to change my tampon every two hours. For a long time I only got one period every three months on average, but that had a lot to do with my eating habits, stress levels, and generally being underweight. They kind of regulated over time, Centchroman just made them more predictable. It was nice up til now.

    I told Mom about the possibility that it may have been a miscarriage and she may take me to the doctor's. Aside from that being a possibility I don't think she would take me otherwise, despite the fact this kind of bleeding is not regular for me at all. Mostly my concern is whether or not I might have to start doing something different with my birth control but a general check-up would be good to get either way so here's crossing my fingers I'll be paying a visit to the doctor's soon.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Whats her nuts, I only ask because if your periods have never been this heavy, it could be overlooked as just a heavy period, when it might have been an early pregnancy. But I don't want to scare you. I just find it a little odd. Im not sure if at this point they can tell you if it was a pregnancy or not since if it was, hormone levels and such would be non existent.
  11. Raunchy-Row

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    If you've already had irregular periods I would really get them to check out the PCOS angle--that's a classic PCOS! Although underweight will do it as well.
  12. GreenTea

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    I could swear someone mentioned seeing what looked like chunks of flesh in her menstrual blood. Seeing DJain's name on there rings a bell; she had problems with very heavy periods. But I haven't found any references to chunks of flesh checking over her posts. I haven't had a chance to check them thoroughly, though.

    A couple things leap out at me: DJain's mention of friable cervix, in that thread and in another thread about the bleeding problems she had. And she mentioned that tampons exacerbate it, and here you've mentioned using tampons.

    Also, if you started centchroman in late August, this must be about your third cycle... am I right? I had a strange cycle the third time, never repeated since. It was in December/January, and I'd started in late September, so that was in the cycle when I went from twice a week to once a week. First I had a very light but drawn out period. It lasted seven days, instead of the five to six I'd been having on centchroman (seven days was my non centchroman average)... and it didn't feel like a real period. It felt like what women on birth control sometimes say about not feeling any real emotion or depth, the period doesn't feel real.

    Then five days after that ended, I had another period, and that one was a normal centchroman period. I've never had such a short cycle since.

    So it wasn't quite the same as what you're having, but that third month does seem to be a time for strange cycles. Some other centchroman users have mentioned that, too.
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  13. Yeah, this is my third cycle on it, if I'm remembering right. So it could well be my body adjusting.. I've been trying to keep that in mind. I'm past due for a general check-up anyway and this just seems like more of a reason to go but Mom still won't take me, unless I get a fever which would indicate infection or something and I don't see the point in waiting for that to happen if it were to because then we just have more to deal with.. That or she will take me Monday. I don't know. I just want to know what the cause of the irregular bleeding was, whether or not it was something to be worried about, and the only way I can do that is by seeing a physician. I know you guys are no miracle workers but the input you've been giving me is tremendously appreciated. I'll say it again, thank you.

    As for PCOS.. I've looked into it and I actually don't doubt that I could have it. My periods have never been regular but I've also always been small. I'm sure the several years I struggled with poor eating habits didn't help but after I got healthier they regulated a little bit, but not by much.. This past year is actually the most regular they've ever been. Meaning this past year is probably the only year I haven't skipped a period more often than not. I have suspected I have higher levels of male hormones compared to most girls for a few reasons and that's related to the disorder. So I'll definitely make sure I ask the doctor to check for PCOS, if I actually get to go. I really hope I do. [​IMG] I guess we'll see what happens. This is a lot to handle all at once so I'm not sure what to feel/do right now.
  14. *mel*

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    I would definately get them to check you for PCOS, irregular cycles are a big symptom but also the other things you have said sound like it could be a possibility. Good luck and hope you can persuade your mom to take you [​IMG]
  15. Still bleeding somewhat heavily today but it seems to be on and off, which is weird.

    Thankfully Mom is making me an appointment Monday. I think it'll be a general check up so I will mention the possibility of PCOS to the doctor.. however I imagine it'll be too late to figure out whether the irregular bleeding was just a very heavy period or something else. I guess I could still ask but I doubt I'll get a definite answer.

    So hey, at least I finally get the check-up I'm way overdue for.. so that's good news.
  16. Still haven't gone to the doctor; got an OB/GYN appointment made, but that's in January. Turns out Mom wasn't intending to take me to the clinic soon but instead just intended to make an appointment.
    Generally haven't been feeling well.. stomach feels sick and I've lost my appetite. I think I woke up with a fever last night.
    Also, a notable change in discharge; heavy, thick, white with kind of a sour odor.

    I'll probably have Mom take me to the walk-in clinic tomorrow or the day after. Between not feeling well and possibly having an infection judging by the discharge I think it's time I go.

    EDIT: Also, my mom insists it couldn't possibly have been a miscarriage because, according to her, you don't stop bleeding until you get medical help. But that's contrary to what I've read in the case of very early miscarriages.. she's basing this solely off of a friend she talked to, who miscarried 11 weeks in, not very early like I possibly could have. So am I totally off or is my mom?
    By all means it may well have been my body adjusting to cenctchroman and I really hope that's what it was. but I'm not going to rule something out just because I dislike the possibility.. I just find my mother's lack of concern over this frustrating. She doesn't seem to want anything to do with it.. just kind of grumpily mentions she could take me to the doctor's if I really want to go, and I end up feeling guilty when I tell her that I would like to. She doesn't get that she should have just taken me when I was still bleeding and experiencing problems. That way we could have known for sure what it was.
    I'm just frustrated and ranting I guess, because I don't like not knowing the answers to things, and I'm worried that if it was something serious I might end up having complications from it.. like the infection I seem to have now.

  17. nessa26

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    Sorry, but she is incorrect. A very early miscarriage a lot of times is a very heavy period of heavier than normal period. Someone who miscarries at 11 weeks probably has a lot of bleeding!!! And its true that a miscarriage at 11 weeks probably needs medical intervention because its a late miscarriage. Sometimes the body needs help in getting rid of all of the products of conception, such as a D & C.
  18. Confused-Hasya

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    WHN, First, please stop using tampons in case it is a miscarriage. Second, I bled for almost month on and off with an early miscarriage and didn't get any medical intervention. Just medical monitoring of beta hcg levels to make sure they drop back to zero.
  19. GreenTea

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    If that were true, humanity probably wouldn't have survived. Any woman who ever miscarried, including those who miscarried early, would have bled to death. And that would be so many women there wouldn't have been enough left to reproduce the species.

    Like another poster said, early miscarriages are usually like late and heavy periods. Sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference.
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    I've had five miscarriages now at 5, 9, 11, 14, and 20 weeks. I didn't require any sort of medical intervention to stop the bleeding and also didn't require D&C or anything else since my body passed everything. I just had some pretty heavy bleeding lasting for the length of a normal period but a bit heavier (the miscarriage I just had at 5 weeks), to one where I bled really heavy for about 5 days and then down to light/intermittent spotting for a total of three weeks.

    Also, about the tissue, I just recently was told to watch for this with my next period. I had scar tissue removed from my uterus two weeks ago and in that particular area my lining is very thin and not continuous, so it's down to the basal layer of the uterus, i.e "bare skin" per the doctor's description. He told me that I could likely pass something that resembles tissue or pieces of skin with this next period and that it would be "normal" because of the procedure. He said it's also not uncommon for women to have this happen on occasion with their cycles and it's just the result of the uterus more aggressively expelling the endometrial lining much more thoroughly than it does the majority of the time, more of a self cleansing kind of a thing, and that it is usually accompanied by much heavier bleeding and some pretty bad cramps. After he was telling me to watch for this next time, it seems like I may have had this happen one other time before naturally. This might be what is going on in your instances. I can't recall the exact term he used for this process, though it's generally nothing to worry about.

    Also, the friable cervix can also cause some tissue-like substance to come out. It's most common with tampon use as they sometimes tend to suck the moisture out of you too much, which leads to dryness of the membranes which then leads to irritation. It's sort of like having a rug burn.

    I can't comment on how it could be related to Centchroman since I have no experience with it and only a little bit of knowledge of it in general.

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