Please share your withdrawl symptoms after BC?

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by Guest, Oct 16, 2005.

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    sorry I was looking through withdrawal posts so i though id reply.

    Well I'm almost 3months post pill and yes in general i have improved however....I have had a rough few days. e.g feeling numb towards my bf that i know i truely love v much. I hate hormones!
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    I have just found this website... and Thank God- I was going crazy. I have been off the pill for about 6 weeks. I have gained 7 pounds despite extreme exercise and healthy eating. I have been cranky to my husband, and I have a general feeling of malaise. The only good thing is my sex drive is back- but since I am so depressed about my weight gain, I am not capitalizing on my libido.(My poor husband) Anyway, I truly hopes this gets better as time goes on. Any more insight from you ladies helps so much. I am beside myself to know what to do.

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