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Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, Mar 18, 2009.

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    Yeah, I'm kind of nervous about this particular transition. I mean, I think Evie will do okay...she seems to show some awareness of when her diaper is dirty or wet and she has never particularly liked that (always screamed when she was a tiny baby about a wet diaper). I think I'm more nervous for me! Like Nika, I'm in the situation of Evie being 21-22 months old when the new baby comes, so do we start training before or after the baby arrives? It'd be nice to have a headstart, but I don't think I'd really be able to put all of my focus in on it for a couple of weeks once the baby is here, and I want to be able to be consistent. ???

    Maybe I'll wait and see how Evie seems to be doing...if she seems ready we can start before baby, and if not, hold off. I like Gutter's idea about the shopping trip so we might do that.
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    I had twins, so I guess my thoughts about this are a little different.

    I found it much more stressful dealing with a toddler new to potty training than dealing with two in diapers. Seems that they have to poop "right now" whenever you are right in the middle of something. When they have to go, you have 5 seconds to get them on a potty, or there's gonna be an accident. Accidents are always more frustrating and time-consuming to deal with than just changing a diaper.

    The smartest thing I ever heard about potty training was from my 20-years experienced day care provider - and a mother of six herself. She said that if you wait to potty train until the child is completely ready, it will take a day or two. If you start 3 months before they are ready, it will take 3 months plus a day or two. [​IMG]

    Don't know if they still make it or not, but there used to be a DVD and book set called "Once Upon A Potty" that was just awesome.

    It's REALLY common for a toddler to regress on the potty training when a new baby comes home.

    If it were me, I'd not worry about it.
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    Great advice!!
    Now when you say not to worry about it, do you mean not to worry about it right yet??? I think I will wait until the baby is born and then go shopping with her when she understands the process, every child is different so who knows when she'll be ready, but I'll head more towards after the baby [​IMG]
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    Yeah, I guess I'm just watching Evie for signs of readiness. At this point I don't think she's quite ready-- she seems to have some awareness of being "squishy" as we call it (wet) or dirty, but not as much as I think you'd need to potty train. Also, right now she's fascinated with reading books about the potty and watching her Elmo potty video at her grandma's house, but I don't think she yet connects what she does in her diaper with the potty. So I'll be waiting until the time seems "just right"...which I'm guessing will be after the baby comes. I think my mom said I was just shy of two when I potty trained, and Evie will be 21 months when the baby comes.
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    Well tonight I put ellie on her potty and she sat on it for a while, I continuously kept saying "show mummy your wee wee in your potty" she was playing with stacking bricks at the time but fully aware if what was going on.
    After about 20mins she s got up and wee'd next to the potty on purpose! Now what ris the next step from there girlys!!?? Xxx

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    lol SMR, I'm not even attempting to potty train until after the baby is born, haha!! lucky you have that time now to train Ellie. Audrey hates getting her bum changed no matter what's in it...so she runs away from me constantly. I think if I had a potty and put it in the bathroom at bath time, she'd pee in it.
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    Hehehehe Bry..."boo"...Rhys walks passed our toilet and goes "Tiddles"...so he certainly is aware of what's going on...he now grabs his nappy and goes "tiddles" - so I figure he knows when he has done it...I just gotta get him to realise before he does it! I think I am buying some pull ups on the weekend (waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! where's my baby gone!!!!) and try him out...if that doesn't work, I will leave it. Grant started training at 18 months and was fully day trained (wee wise) at 2...so it doesn't really take long for them to get the idea. Poo training took a bit longer, but he was fully day trained by 2.5. As you know, we are still having night time issues, but since we put the cat in his room of a night he has been dry...so I think it was an anxiety issue and that "pet therapy" has relaxed him a bit.
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    We are still leaving it with Laurana - occassionally she will yell "potty QUICKLY" and then she does go - once she landed up going on the floor cause I wasn't fast enough to find the potty! But then there are days when she never asks for the potty and if we ask if she needs it she says "no potty" I'm waiting for summer and then we'll work on it more. We have pull ups but I won't use them til we really plan to get it right - I am still hoping that our very relaxed approach might lead to proper potty training at some stage, but I have my doubts.
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    Ethan also isn't too interested in potty training yet, we have a potty laying about and also a seat that you place under the toilet seat to make the hole smaller, it makes them worry less about falling in and it used to belong to DD, I've had it that long! Ethan enjoys sitting on that but doesn't do anything. he tells me he needs to poop so I put him on the toilet, he does nothing and then waits for me to put another nappy on before promptly pooping in it! I think most boys tend to be nearer to 3 before they train so I'm not worried right now!

    Hayley x
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    Laurana is slowly getting better with the potty training - she asks at least once or twice a day and always goes when she has asked, but she also still has wet nappies every day and doesn't seem bothered by them. Summer has arrived suddebly (its spring but hot!) and so as she gets into cooler clothes we are hoping to start pushing it a bit more. I have a feeling she may potty train herself in the end though.
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    /Does a happy dance around the bathroom

    Boy 2 is now wearing underwear full time, well has been for a full month now. Yay! With summer, and spending so much time outside, it was easy to have him in underwear, and it not be a big deal with an accident once in a while.

    And wow does having a big brother around as a great example ever increase the enthusiasm in regards to trips to the bathroom. When ever big brother goes, he tries too, and gets high fives upon succeeding. Now, I just to console my self that the baby is big,and I will most likely not be buying diapers any more /sniff
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    So we're potty training now. Audrey doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore, so I have her in Pull Ups. This morning we missed her poo, but she peed in the potty while i was cleaning the litter box and she brought her potty in the bathroom, making a mess, lol!!! I made up a chart and she stuck a sticker on it. I hope this will encourage her some more, but she's already peed in her pull up [​IMG] I feel ready to do this and hope that it won't take too long, understanding fully well it may not happen fast.
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    ugh I give up already!!!!!!!!
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    Lol gutter [​IMG] We have been working on the potty training for months now and have Laurana out of nappies except for some naps and at night. And she still has accidents but is much better now - I think its just a maturational thing.
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    I just wanted to bump this. I know some of you(probably most) have already successfuly reached this goal but I have not. I could really use ANY advice from moms of boys especially.

    Heres what we do right now:
    Brendyn wears only pullups(we have tried 3 days straight of real undies several times, which just ends in 3 exhausting days of cleaning pee and poo all over my house, tons of laundry, and he doesnt mind being wet one bit--which is sooo weird because he HATES being dirty in any other way). I keep a little potty in the living/play room and one in the bathroom. I ask him to pee every 2-3 hours or so and he nearly always does. He NEVER tells me when he has to go, and even with my asking a lot he still does have accidents every day. He always poos in the afternoon so I keep a close eye on him n if I see any signs its time I put him on the potty. He will sit there FOREVER(hours even if I let him) but wont go until 5 mins after hes off in his pants. He did poop in the potty twice but it seems those were flukes. He gets one sticker on the chart for pee, two for poo and if he gets 10 he gets a new hotwheel car. We make a big deal of every pee. I also tried to get Evan to just sit on the potty hoping the sibling jealously would kick in and make Brendyn want to use it..no luck. Brendyn was all high fives and excited for Evan but didnt want to go next. lol. He got to pick out both pottys, his big boy undies and pullups. He follows me and df into the bathroom all the time so he sees how we use the potty. We bought one potty and started talking about it, and encourageing him after he turned 2...but have only really pushed it for the last 2 months. I just feel like we are making NO improvement. Is there something else I can try? Hes been aware of his peeing/poop since about 18 months so its not like he isnt physically capable. I knew this could take a long time, but I figured not pushing it til he was over 3 would make it easier and I thought after 2 months wed at least have SOME improvement! He is such a smart little boy, and every other big transition has gone soo smooth, I never imagined this would be THIS hard. [​IMG]

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    My only advice is barebum and don't go anywhere for days. Having the potty in a noticeable place helped too. Lots of patience and reminding them. Accidents will happen, it's just the nature of the beast, but I strongly suggest no undies, just barebum because they'll have nothing to go 'into'. I've only trained my daughter though, so my son will be probably a different story...
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    i was just going to bump this thread, you did it for me!!!

    im so sorry your having such trouble [​IMG] i honestly dont know what advice to give you other than what mel said, bare butt!! thats what i did with kaydee today, she was naked almost all day lol.

    she was being soooo stubborn!!! i finally decided enough was enough, and told her no more diapers! much friendlier though lol, said your a big girl now, no more baby diapers, those are for sissy, cause shes a baby! and kaydee was all gung ho about it at first lol. took her diaper at just before 8am, and asked if she needed to go pee. she sat on the potty for a bit, said she didnt need to go, and went off playing and watching TV (in the playroom with me, i was so nervous about her peeing on the couch i watched her like a hawk lol!) and this went on for a while, every 25-30 min i would ask her if she needed to pee yet, she always said not yet, and occasionally would say yes and sit on the potty for a bit and then say nevermind and get up...

    well finally after about 3 hours she started asking for a diaper, and crying and said she wanted to be a baby again and wear a diaper and didnt want to be a big girl, and i was so close to caving in cause i just didnt want to deal with it (honestly, i know that sounds just awful, but she is a very good manipulator lol) but i held strong with lots of encouragement from my FB friends (many of you here too hehe) and said no and told her to sit on the potty. she still didnt want to, i bribed her with my iphone and some toddler shape matching apps lol, and so she sat there for an HOUR and still no pee. at this point it had been over 4 hours since she last peed.

    she was off playing again, and asked for a diaper and i said no, and she refused to sit on the potty, and was also refusing to drink anything (i honestly think just so she wouldnt have to pee more lol) and then she went off into the corner behind the couch where she always goes to poo, so i was like kaydee please come out from there and sit on the potty, and she didnt want to, so all of a sudden it was like light bulb over my head, i asked if she would like me to put the potty in the corner there for her to have some space, and she said yes. i put the potty back in the corner and i couldnt beleive it but within 10 minutes she had peed and pooed in the potty!!! so of course i made a HUGE deal, she helped me flush it down the big potty and then she got 2 stickers on her chart (one for pee and one for poo) and then she got 2 sixlets (teeny tiny chocolate candy).

    she asked to wear panties after that and i said yes, and let her pick out a pair, which were dora ones, and so i said make sure you tell mommy before you have to go potty again because you dont want to pee on dora do you, and she said noooooo, i wouldnt pee on dora!!!

    throughout the whole day though, she only peed 3 times (and pooed once, but thats normal, occasionally she will 2 times a day but thats rare) and that didnt seem like a lot to me... is that normal, for a almost 3 year old to hold it for 4-6 hours at a time and only go 3 times all day?? or was it because she wasnt wanting to do it so she was really being stubborn and i should expect more often as time goes on?? she was getting frustrated with me for asking so often cause she honestly didnt have to go i guess lol.
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    uuugghhh. Well bare bottom isnt a great idea because its cold right now, but I guess I can jack up the heat and give it a try. As far as I know it is the ONE thing I havent tried yet. I dont think Brendyn wants privacy...hes done better since I moved the potty in the middle of the living room.

    goon--brendyn is JUST like that. Ill ask and hes like no not yet. grrrr lol. I have to not say 'do you have to go', but 'its time to sit on the potty and try to pee.' I cant believe she even pooped that easy! Thats my big fear about going bare bottomed...I just know Ill be cleaning poo out of my carpet. BLEH.
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    TDG i was shocked too, believe me, it made me soooo nervous!!! i watched her like a HAWK and didnt leave her alone for half a minute!!! LOL!!!

    heres to hoping today goes as well. of course she woke with a soaked pull up, i was expecting that, and hasnt had to pee yet this morning, so i hope she goes in the potty when she does have to...

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