Pregnancy after Essure or Tubal Ligation

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by Angie Jean, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Angie Jean

    Angie Jean New Member

    I had the Essure done but one side fell out so I had to have a tubal on that side. I am worried about getting pregnant if the existing Essure coil fails/falls out. I am sure that I am OK but I am considering having an ultrasound to check on the coil that is in me. Is that going overboard? Has anyone gotten pregnant after the Essure yet?

  2. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Yes, there are reported pregnancies. As you have already found out the essure metal coils can and do come out of place. There are reports of them migrating even after so called sucessful HSG test.

  3. Angie Jean

    Angie Jean New Member

    How many women have gotten pregnant? That is not good news to me! I want to feel confidant that I wont EVER get pregnant!! Looks like I may have to get the tube on my other side cut and burnt as well!!

  4. kym4

    kym4 Member

    I cannot verify how many women have gotten pregnant because the company does not count pregnancies that occur if a woman did not have the follow up HSG. I have found cases where a woman had the HSG and became pregnant but the company says that upon review of the test that the doctor or the radiologist misread the test and the patient should have never been told that she could rely on the essure coils so it is not a product problem and doesn't count. There are other forums where women are reporting pregnancies. One forum is womens health. I found a website that is supposed to be a forum for sales reps and some one said that there have been about 30 pregnancies per year. I CANNOT VERIFY THAT INFO. There doesn't seem to be any reliable tracking method for this product. Doctors and the company are supposed to report to the FDA problems, problems that lead to hysterectomy and pregnancies but it doesn't seem to be happening. That is why I am encouraging everyone who has a problem with the essure metal coils to make their own report to the FDA. Go to maude FDA and click on adverse events. Just put in that one coil came out and you had tubal on that side. The form is not user friendly but just put essure as the product and conceptus as the manufacturer. A guy from the FDA told me to just write in my own words what happened minus names and facilities in one of the three places that it allows you type. I reported my problems in early Dec but it still has not shown up in the database. I don't know if maybe they are reviewing the info or maybe there have been lots of other women reporting but hopefully the report should show up soon.

    I also found on the FDA site the labeling instructions for essure and it says that should one device fail and a tubal be done that a tubal should be done on the side that still has the device. It also says that anyone who has the essure metal coils and has a hysterectomy that it should be reported to the FDA.

    My major concern with this product is that it is very scary to know that the metal coils can come out of place even after so called sucessful HSG tests and migrate to other organs potentially causing organ damage.

  5. Angie Jean

    Angie Jean New Member

    I know! The more I read about this the more I wish I had just gotten the original tubal done in the first place. Thanks for the info!!

  6. Angie Jean

    Angie Jean New Member

    Ok, I just went and reported my problem, I don't know why I didnt think of doing that before!


  7. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Did you look around on the FDA site? It is interesting some of the things you find. That is where I have gotten alot of info that I have posted about. I didn't even know that you could report problems till I started researching. I talked with some people with FDA and suggested that they let the public know that they can report problems since the docs and companies don't seem to.

    Not because of me, but the FDA is going to start requiring that all prescriptions filled have a phone number so that if a person has a problem with a drug they can call that number and report it to the FDA. That should help let people know they can report problems.

    I have been encouraging everyone to report problems with the essure metal coils but if you've had problems with other products such as Mirena, Nuvaring or Novasure, you need to report them.

  8. leitkes

    leitkes New Member

    hi my name is tammie to make a long story short i have 4 kids my husband and me decided essure was easiest for us woke up 5/07 found out from gyn that she could not get 1 coil in and she decided to do tubal ligation and for some odd reason left 1 coil inside but said would be fine yet after several months of menstral bleedinghad hysterectomy then 4 months later after more bleeding found out after went for xray thinking had kidney stones i had mettalic foreign object in my abdomen( essure coil) now i am on my 3rd surgeryhas anyone else had a nightmare like mine

  9. Angie Jean

    Angie Jean New Member

    Wow!! That is horrible! I keep wondering where the coil is that came out?

  10. kym4

    kym4 Member

    leitkes, I am so sorry for your ordeal. These coils are dangerous. They can cause so much grief. There are other posts about coils migrating into the abdomen and causing problems. There is a report by some doctors of a woman having extensive pain and medical procedures to include CT's, MRI's and finally after a couple of years they did a CT scan with her in a different position and located the metal coil. The metal coil had imbedded in her colon. You can look up the report by keying in essure morbidity. Please report what has happened to you to the FDA. I have an earlier post that explains about how to report. It is so important for everyone who has trouble to report their problems so that the FDA will be aware of what is going on with these metal coils. It is also very important that those of us who have had problems continue to post about our problems with the procedure so that other women will at least know the truth about these so called wonderful little metal coils.

    Your doctor may be liable for leaving the other coil in place. I would get all my medical records to include any and all. Nurses notes, doctors orders, operative reports, history and physicals, office notes and especially all records from the original procedure and your hysterectomy.

  11. producer

    producer New Member

    Hello -- I am a television news producer working on a story about Essure, and would love to hear from some of you who have had or are considering the Essure procedure -- both good stories and bad. Please send me a message ******** if you would be interested in talking with me, and would consider being interviewed as part of our story.

    Thanks very much in advance,
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  12. kym4

    kym4 Member

    producer, I think this is a bad product. The so called benefits do not out weigh the risks. I'd be interested but I would need to know more details before commiting to any interview. You can pm me.

  13. Angie Jean

    Angie Jean New Member

    What type of show are you doing and why?

  14. Goldilocks5150

    Goldilocks5150 New Member


    Thank you for the information about having a tubal done on both tubes after Essure failure.

    I had a failure in my left tube (the doctor said he had a hard time placing it, so I wasn't entirely surprised) and I'm scheduled for my tubal next week. I will be SURE to call his nurse and have her remind him that he needs to do the tubal on BOTH tubes.

    I'm also going to request that he find and remove the left implant that, apparently, may be located within my "vaginal vault" according to my HSG report. When I asked the Dr. earlier if he would remove it his answer was "if they see it during the tubal" I'm going to be a little more assertive about him finding and removing the left implant, I've read too much about migrating implants the horrors they can produce

    Thanks again

  15. kym4

    kym4 Member

    I know what you are talking about. I insisted that they remove both coils from me. I did not want to worry about some piece of metal in my body the rest of my life. I had not even found the info about they should do both tubes yet. I just wanted both of them out so I'd never have to worry about them again. I'm glad that I insisted that both be taken out because it appears the other coil was making its way up in my tube and possibly headed for the abdomen. Dangerous devices. Not a life saving device so it is just so not worth the risks.

  16. Rebecca Anderson

    Rebecca Anderson New Member

    Hi - I had Essure procedure about 2 years ago - I have recently had stomach problems and had an x-ray of my small intestine - my gastro doctor called and asked what kind of birth control procedure I had done - I told her about the Essure - she then told my one of the coils is out and is floating around in my abdomen. I did have the dye test and was told everything was fine.... I have an appt on Friday with gyno, but want to see if anyone else has had something like this happen...???

  17. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Hi! Key in essure morbidity and look for a case report on woman who had a coil loose in her abdomen. She had all kinds of tests before they found the coil. There are also some case reports on the maude FDA website adverse events. I'd print the reports and carry them to your gyno. Also look around on the FDA website and you can find in alerts or something like that about the FDA stating that medical devices should not be left floating around. They should be retrieved. Essure metal coils are considered medical devices. Research, research because the company that makes these devices and your doctor are not likely to admit that your problems could be associated with the coils.

  18. MomOf5ive

    MomOf5ive New Member

    Here it is my story. After me and my husband had our 4th child we decided to have the Essure procedure done. I had it done in Aug. of 2008 in Oct. 2008 I had the dye test done. This test was quite uncomfortable and hurt quite a bit. I was told the procedure did not take and to come back in Dec. I was also told there was no reason why it would not take then so I decided not to come back at that time because of how much it hurt. In March I found out I was 3 months pregnant and miscarried in April. Which made my husband wonder if the miscarriage was caused by the coils of the essure. Then I found out I was pregnant again in Sept. of 2009. Now I was worried about miscarrieing again so I was really careful about the things I did. We have had an ultrasound several times plus a blood test to be sure things were going good. Today I had another ultrasound and found out my baby may have down syndrome and I have worries all over again that it was something caused by the coils in my tubes. Don't get me wrong I love my baby regardless I just know its gonna be a struggle for him and my family. I just wonder if anyone else has had something similar happen because of the essure procedure. Let me know please.

  19. kym4

    kym4 Member

    I have not read any reports that would indicate that the metal coils would cause downs syndrome. You might ask some experts in down syndrome and see if there could be any correlation with any of the chemicals contained within the metal coils. You can find a post that is made on another thread that lists all the chemicals contained in the coils. My little understanding of downs syndrome is that it has to do with chromosones. Sorry that you may be facing this but I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that your baby will be just fine.

    Keep us posted on your pregnancy. Some of the ladies who have become pregnant need to know they are not alone and they also have concerns about their pregnancy. The pregnancys I have found and those who have delivered haven't had any problems. Hope that helps some.

  20. chele

    chele New Member

    Hi Ladies, I just recently discovered this site, and would like to tell you how much I appreciate all of you sharing your stories and information.Here's my story- In Jan 2009 I had the essure procedure done. It actually went well, just as my Dr said it would. I returned to work the next day feeling fine. In June I had the HSG, my doctor informed me that one side was closed off but the other not completely. He gave me a Depo shot that same day, and scheduled me to come back in Aug for another HSG.In Aug I had the HSG, and also several xrays with dye contrast so that my Dr could be sure the other side was sealed. He and the radioligist assured me that both sides were completely sealed. I was glad to hear it and everything went well for a while. I started feeling bad, tired and nauseated all the time, all the tale tale signs I kept ignoring until Jan when i gave in and went to see my OBGYN, and he confirmed I was pregnant! 12 wks along! I have no idea what to think or do. Who to be upset with, the DR, the product??? I already have three children 10, 5, and 1, another child isnt a crisis I love children, but we made a conscience choice to not have anymore, for financial reasons mostly. Now Im concerned about how this happened, did the coils just fail to work, are they floating around, will they endanger the baby?? How crazy is this!! Has anyone considered a Lawsuit?


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