Pregnancy after Essure or Tubal Ligation

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by Angie Jean, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Ldyk513

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    Hi... help! I was scheduled to have the Essure procedure the end of March however after reading this tonight I called & left a message at my doctor's office to cancel it and go with a regular tubal. I am now reading though the success rate of that is not the greatest either. Can someone help me??? I feel lost. I adopted a son and have a little girl (foster Mom) for 5 years we tried to adopt now we have joint custody with the bio parents. I do not want to have a baby... EVER and cannot be on BC due to a liver hemangioma and minor other issues. I need to know if anyone knows the statistical information on the failure rate of a Tubal Ligation (where they burn the tube in several places.) Thanks!

  2. kym4

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    Nothing is 100% except abstinence and removal of reproductive organs. I don't think that it is logical to compare the failure rate of tubals versus essure metal coils since there is no long term data on the metal coils. Also compared to tubals very few essure procedures have been done. You need to research and do what you feel comfortable with. I personally cannot recommend the essure procedure because having done lots of research and read the clinical trials, there just seems to be a lot more that can go wrong than with the tubal. Those metal coils are not like an IUD that can be removed if there is a problem. Those metal coils will be in your body for the rest of your life. There will always be some risk that the coils may migrate or that your body may eventually reject the metal coils. There are even some questions about having future procedures done with the metal coils in place

  3. Meagan Looper

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    I had the essure procedure done after my last son was born about 3 yrs ago. I had 2 HSG's done and after the second one I was completely blocked. I went through a crazy wild divorce and remained single for 2 yrs. Met the man of my dreams and we have since married( yeaaa lol) Anyways, I have not had any symptoms until recently of pregnancy. I have 4 boys so I am confident that this is not one of those "hmmmm..wishful thinking" moments. We have not used protection,as I was assured that I couldn't get pregnant again... but all the signs lead to that. Breast tenderness, a bit of nausea, frequent bathroom trips (even after 4 kids I still had a "big gulp" bladder"), and that small tingle pain by my ovaries.. here is the kicker though not only am I a type I diabetic but at this moment I do not have health insurance. I knew with my last 2 sons that I was pregnant before even the blood test could tell me I was. So should I get a HPT or wait a bit-- my period is late by a few days but that isn't nothing new to me.

    I guess I was naive and believed it was forever and that the thought that it could fail didn't strike me. Not that it would be a bad thing if I was pregnant on mine or my husbands end but from what I have read it can be dangerous to the baby....

    Guess my question is this: How likely is it that I could be pregnant??

  4. meljmar

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    Hmmm...I just missed my period in the last week and was feeling a little nauseated and tired. I voiced my concern to my husband and he thinks I'm fine and will get it soon. I am diabetic (Type I for 15 years), and we had the procedure done to prevent another pregnancy since I had complications last preg. I have a beautiful daughter and son already. My dr. recommended doing this instead of having the tubal done because of my diabetes. Now I just find out all these horrid things about it. I researched it some, but didn't hear these things till now. I don't know what I'll do if I am pregnant or end up with major surgery because of it displacing. I hope everything will be ok.

  5. naoslaben

    naoslaben New Member

    I had the Essure done in August and have experienced a lot of pain after wards. I was just wondering who do you report these problems to?

  6. kym4

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    Go to maude FDA. There is a place that says report adverse event. Put in essure as the product & Conceptus as the manufacturer. It can be confusing but there are about 3 sections that allow you to type. Just use those places & tell what kind of problems you are having. You can also look at other reports by searching the database. If you have any questions let me know & I'll try to help.

  7. Joy Massengale

    Joy Massengale New Member

    meljmar- this is what happened to me and I am due in four weeks. so YES you may be pregnant. after being a few days late my husband and i laughed it off too until i took the pregnancy test.

  8. suziecue

    suziecue New Member

    Wow... I had no idea, and wish I had!!! Thank you all for the information. I guess I'll be going in to the Dr. this week...

  9. lbc

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    Hello everyone, I feel alot better now that I knoe I am not alone.Let me tell you a quick summary of my "esSURE". I got pregnant out of wedlock and had three kids over an eight year period, never once married. I was 26 when I got the essure procedure in December of 2006. I was not informed about anything, I had just had my last son and felt desperate. I am 30 years old and regret it, not because I want to have any more kids but the problems: chronic pelvic infections, never ending pain on mainly my left tube, heavy periods for the last year with severe pain. When I got it I bled for about five months. I had no more insurance and still don't have any. I did find this place that does do the removal for a low cost but they are are to far.

    Has anyone else had it done that long ago?

  10. kym4

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    Ibc, I do think I remember seeing some posters who had the metal coils for quite some time and they had them sucessfully removed. So don't give up there is hope.

  11. spcschaffer

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    Where to begin, I had the essure done in 2003 and during a very difficult divorce. I had no sexual intercourse from than until 2009 when I had met my current husband. The doctor told me after my confirmation that my tubes were closed 100%. Since I have met my husband I have had what I believe to be one known miscarraige and one unknown. The first time I was late by at least three weeks and I had a very heavy mucusy discharge and I had the nausea and the tiny twinges in my overaies and uterus. Later I had a period but it was not on my normal time it was three weeks late, than I had another a couple weeks later and than my periods went back to the same as always. My husband is currently deployed and came home on leave well after he left I started getting nauseated and another late period and the same discharge. This time I took two home pregnancy tests they both came up positive and I even got a doctors note saying i was pregnant. So they sent me to the clinic where I got the surgery done and they did an ultrasound and a blood pregnancy rest to tell me I was not pregnant and that they could see the coils on the screen but the nurse did say one was in a different location than the other. Are they supposed to be in the same location? Well my period was still late and eventually came and the nausea and other symptoms went away, and in the same month I had another period about two weeks later, and now i am currently putting on weight and I hardly eat, and my face is breaking out, and now i am cramping and my breast hurt like i am about to have another period not even two weeks after my last one since my so called not pregnancy. My husband and I want a child and even considered having the reversal done and researched it and everything, but after this happening twice and the nurse saying one of the coils is in a different location than the other Im wondering if i have a chance. Like i said i have not had intercourse since the surger and not up until I met my husband. And I have never had these problems till we started having sex. So could it be that the coil has shifted or just the way they put it in? I have also noticed I dont have these problems when we dont have sex like for now for instance my periods asre the same time each month and no problems, but twice so far we have had the problems. Is this normal? Or is it a sign I might have had pregnancies?

  12. dlm61910

    dlm61910 New Member

    I had the Essure tubal done and have had nothing but problems. A few days after my procedure I blead so much that they wanted to do a DNC but instead they put me on double birth control for a month. Now my periods are unbearable and I have constant back pain.

  13. dlm61910

    dlm61910 New Member

    Darlene McCauley

  14. dallsworth

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    I had the procedure done june of 2009. No major problems at first besides bleeding for basically all month long. No sex drive. Horrible periods. stronger and stronger. Back cramps, water weight in my boobs (feels like milk filling in after pregnancy) I went to a new doctor for a second opinion. He dislikes essure and would never recommend it to any of his patients. Good to know after the fact. Lethargy, mood swings, vaginal discharge. Its good to know that i'm not the only one. But where do i go from here?

  15. lmurph

    lmurph New Member

    Thank you ladies for your candid feedback. I was scheduled for the Essure procedure this afternoon and I am cancelling !! It seems to be a case of the company painting a bright and sunny picture of an "easy" permanent solution, especially to those of us who can't take BC pills, or major surgery is not safe option. Dr.'s must be on board, or totally taken for a ride also. My doctor did have basic release form for me to sign, with MINIMAL detail as to what can go wrong, of course no % of patients that have complications, etc. Just seemed like a standard form saying that "although rare" these general things may happen, as you get with any medical procedure. Thank God for the internet to get the real stories when you need them !

  16. moonchild

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  17. evolvealready

    evolvealready New Member

    I had the Essure procedure done after i gave birth to my 4th child, because my family pressured me into it. here i am almost 4 years later, and i really wish i never got it done. between all the horror stories about the coils and the fact that i DO want another baby, im not sure what to do. i saw that there are doctors that can "reverse" the essure but it is soo expensive. i also never got that dye test done, but i am retty sure that the essure was effective bc my boyfriend of 3 years hasnt gotten me pregnant.

  18. florita

    florita New Member

    i got my essure put in in January 22,2014 initially i had cramping for a week but about the beginning of march i started feeling really tired started having cramps again but in the last two weeks ive had pregnancy symptoms like nausea and food cravings. mind you ive been on Depo for two years and i had a depo shot before the Essure procedure to ensure i wouldnt get pregnant .I have 7 children and my last one is two years old i do not want to be pregnant but could it be possible ? i have had gotten pregnant on depo before so i dont rely on that either so did anyone else have gotten pregnant on Essure even if they had backup protection? i already took two pregnancy tests last week but going to wait two weeks and do it again. Im due for the dye check on april 24 hope i find out before the dye test im so worried to be pregnant with having the coils inside

  19. jjate

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    I have had the Essure done in Dec 2013 after my 4th baby and my periods finally were started back to normal in June 2014. I didn't' go back to run the dye neither bc of the cost and everyone says it don't work. Now I'm 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test and it says negative. How do I know if I am and what do I need to do if I was to make sure the baby is safe.

  20. GirlCorey58

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    Hi! I have a fb group for women that got pregnant on Essure and Adiana. It is called parents of unplanned Essure/Adiana babies. We have almost 140 women that havebe/ababies.


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