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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by maryberry1987, Oct 7, 2006.

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    Hey ladies,
    I went to my doctor on Friday because I was feeling awful. I still feel sick today, but not as badly as I did. I couldn't swallow and my left ear was killing me. She took a look, and said I had a minor ear and throat infection. She gave me amoxicillin to take twice a day for a week, and benadryl to take whenever I felt the need. I got to take a look at my baby again just because I was nervous that my illness would affect the baby. The baby was perfectly fine with a strong heartbeat and was swimming around so I felt a little better. I guess my question is to women whom have been pregnant, has anyone taken benadryl or an antibiotic and still had a healthy baby?? I know the doctor knows best, and both of these perscriptions are class B (class B is a drug in which doctors deem to have no negative effects on a fetus). Today when I went to the bathroom I had a discharge that was very thick, I know it was due to my being ill, but also it had two tiny little twinges of red. I don't want this to be blood or anything, so I'm wondering if there are any of you women who have experience with this sort of thing?? I don't go back to the doctor until November 6th, and there is nothing there when I wipe now, but as you can see I'm a very nervous mama!! Any answers or anything would be very much appreciated. By the way, I'm still sick my nose is soooo stuffy, and I can't taste or smell a damn thing!
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    Amoxicillin can cause you to get a yeast infection when pregnant, actually alot of women get it from antibiotics.
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    I always get a yeast infection when I take antibiotics. Especially those who start with an 'amo..', like amoxicillin, amoxil and also augmentin and vibrymucin and I'm not pregnant.

    Be sure to eat a lot of yoghurt and next time if you take antibiotics ask the doctor to prescribe you this pill (sorry, I honestly can't remember the name, it was 'ultra...'something) that you take along with the antibiotics and it helps a lot in order to avoid the yeast.

    aaaaaw, I hate yeast infections. That's the reason I avoid antibiotics like if they were the devil. Even after my tube examination the other day the doctors recomended that I take 3 days antibiotics optionally but I didn't. Because afterwards I would have to cure a yeast infection as well, damnit.

    Anyways, yeast infections are very common when you are pregnant. And they don't go away easily. My sister went through her entire 9 months having a yeast, she had to make love with a condom through her entire pregnancy.

    Mary, take care of yourself and I hope you'll feel better very soon [​IMG]
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    Yeah,that is like THE only antibiotic they will give you though,I think there is one other one,but they take onto consideration your baby,I had to take anti biotics when I was about 5 months (I had flu/fever/sickness/cough EVERYTHING),I think I really needed it otherwise I woulddnt have takne it!

    Either my healthy little boy is 2 and a half now!
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    Mary, don't worry about taking antibiotics during pregnancy. Your dr. would not presrcibe something that could be dangerous to you or the baby.

    I know a woman (my age) whose mother had strep throat while she was pregnant. She left the infection untreated due to not wanting to hurt the baby with medication, and the infection passed on to her baby. The baby was born deaf as a result.

    I am just about as far along as you, and I was sick a couple weeks ago (though just with a bad cold). Pregnant women are more susceptible to illness, it is quite common. So just follow your doctors orders and don't worry about it, you are going to have a beautiful healthy baby!
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    I had a strep infection with my daughter and I had to go to the hospital as soon as I went into labor in order to give me the antibiotic, to prevent it from passing to my baby in the birth canal.

    So yes sweetie the anti's are good. I took benadryl with all my kids b/c I have really bad allergies ....Seems like I could never have a baby in the beginning of the yr..

    I also get yeast infections whenever I take any antibiotic....

    Hang in there, the last of the pregnancy was always the worst for me...Clarification...13 wks or 31 wks.....Forgot sorry.....


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