Problems after Essure /Tubal Ligation

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by Angela31298, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Angela31298

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    I had the Essure procedure done back in January but the right coil that took 45 minutes to put in fell out, so I had a tubal done on that side in May. My Doctor cut and then cauterized my right fallopian tube. Ever since then I have had horrible cramps and heavy periods as well as other other weird things happening to me. My periods have always been pretty light with zero cramps. The side that I had the tubal on hurts so bad every month, sometimes it is a burning sharp pain. I am 30 with a 10 year old son. I just want to know if what I am feeling is real..or in my mind. I just know that I feel different. It isn't just my periods that have changed...I just hope that I can find something out.

  2. jwan

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    Hi :

    sometimes tubal ligation causes heavy periods. I had alot of pain after Essure (my right side too), my periods became much heavier than before too. I ended up having hysterectomy 5 weeks ago, I'm not sure if it resolved the pain as I still have pain from the hys. itself. Go to a good Dr. and find out what is going on. it is not in your mind.


  3. Janine Wooden

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    More problems with my ESSURE COILS!
    I went and called my urogynecologist for help when my regular obgyn wanted to just go in and do a hysterectomy to remove the faulty misplaced Essure coil that had come down and was peircing my uterus or fallopian tube and nearly poking up out of my gut.

    My urogynecologist called around town and got me into an emergencyroom and promised me that he got me the utmost authority on laproscopic womens medicine 12 hours later a preppy doctor walks in and says well one of them shows up on the CAT scan out of place and I'm going to go in and clean up the scar tissues and put it back where it belongs. He said he was friends with the inventor of the Essure and really trusted it. I was stuck. My ride had left me at this ER I had no way to get out, I was in pain and on pain meds and couldn't get a line out of the ER to get help.

    I argued with him that I wanted him to take them out but he refused.
    I went into surgery hopeing that everything would go well and the pain would be gone.
    I woke up with three new holes in my belly and there was a big black and blue mark where the stabbing pains had been from the Essure where it had migrated to from my tube. I think it was peircing my uterus or fallopian tube and he went in and cleaned up the evidence and hid it all.

    I found out from reasearch on the internet that we were not supposed to be given uterine ablations and Essure's the same day that may have been why mine is failing so much. Also I have Fibromyalgia a muscle spasm disease and it may be necessary for women that have muscle spasm problems not to ever even consider using these since we cannot control what our insides do.

    I don't want to damb the Essure company I understand their hope for a simple way to help poorer women with permenant birth control but I do feel the design is not what it could be completely yet.

    I have had two IUD's one was a dream come true, I was only 24yrs old
    it was a soft rubber silicone based kind of base T shaped with the copper coils on it. I had a little heavier periods but overal I was very pleased.

    I had the second one and it was immediatly a nightmare. It was hard rigid plasic and copper coil wires and it cut through my uterus because it was ridgid and hard. Perhaps the design of the Essure needs to be modified more flexible with the soft rubber or silicone with copper (copper is good for the arhtiris anyway). I would not have the Essure put in me again if given the choice though.

    I woud have the first soft IUD done again though.

    I would like anyone that is interested in talking legal to write to me.
    I am scared and would like to know there are others like me out there,
    united we stand and divided we fall...let's get it together please.

  4. Bridget

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    Angela, I am sorry you are having trouble! I had a lap tubal done about a year and a half ago using the filshie clip method. When I met with one very esteemed obgyn for a consult, he explained to me that he recommended the filshie over other methods because it has minimal scarring on the falopian tube, and scarring is a major culprit in post-operative pain and is the number one reason tubes recanalize. Bipolar cauterization sounds to be the procedure that you had on the one side, and it is known to cause quite a it of scar tissue. In a small number of cases, women undergoing bipolar cautery actually suffered bowel burns.

    I seriously hope that this is not the case! I just think you should know all you can when you have to try and find out the root of your problem.

    And also to Janine, my heart goes out to you too! I can't imagine a more terrible experience! I am so controlling in health-care situations that I made alterations to the contract I signed while in the pre-op just so no medical students could NOT be present (im paranoid). What a terrible doctor who wouldn't listen to what you wanted FOR YOUR OWN BODY!

  5. silkyblue

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    I had essure procedure done on yesterday and the right side did not take. My doctor said the device malfunctioned. Now she wants me to go through the procedure again as soon as possible to remove the few coils that did go in and opt out to have another essure placement or a laproscopic tubal through my belly button. I am really worried i have been haveing severe leg muscle spasms on my right side and i feel weak and tired. I am having stomach cramps as well. If any one has any advice please let me noe.

  6. SAMiAM1611

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    you're probably feeling stomach cramps because of the procedure. It may have been a little traumatic for your tubes. You may have misunderstood your doctor's explanation of what went wrong because I don't think it's possible for a "few" coils to be inside you, it's one coil. (well two, one for each fallopian tube). Did it get inserted in but not in the right place or something? Find out if the reason it didn't take was because of your anatomy or a problem with the insertion device or if she messed it up or what. Ask how many she's done it. Ask her which procedure she recommends, redoing the essure or tying that tube and why she recommends that over the other option. Ask her why it must be done as soon as possible - why can't you have a couple days to think about it, see if your stomach cramps go away. Take some advil for the cramps in the meantime. I don't know what to tell you about the leg spasm. Tell your dr about that too.

  7. rblalock84

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    OK I posted this in another one for essure problems but I dont think many people go back on that one as far as I posted this so thought I would ask it again here . I had Essure done on 5/1/09 . I am 25 ( was 24 when I got it done ) and I had it done a bit more then 6 weeks after I had my 4th child . Everything was fine for most of the time . I only noticed my periods were heavy and longer then before and that I didnt have a desire to have sex with my husband much any more . About two months ago I noticed I was late . It started about a week after that . The next month I had the same thing happen . Well last month (april) I didnt have one at all . I have taken a preg. text and it is neg . Has anyone else had this happen ? If so what came of it .

  8. acw

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    I agree that the stomach cramps are probably a result of the procedure. That's a very common reaction, especially only a day later. The leg spasms may be a result of the position you were in during the procedure. Especially if you had it done under anesthesia, sometimes you can end up in a position that may irritate the nerves or muscles in the legs. Hopefully that will resolve soon, but it's worth mentioning to your doctor.

    I'm assuming that when your doctor says she wants to remove the "few coils that did go in", she's referring to the length of one of the devices, not multiple devices. Although the whole thing is sometimes referred to as a coil, the term can also refer to each "twist" of the device. Doctors measure how far it went in by how many coils are in the tube (or how many are left trailing in the uterus). There are a minimum number of coils that they like to have in to consider it successful. I'm guessing that it went in a ways, but not far enough. And your doctor probably wants to go back in as soon as possible before those few coils start to scar in place.

    Sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. But it sounds like your doctor at least has a reasonable plan to deal with it. My best advice is to discuss your questions and concerns with her. Take care.

  9. SAMiAM1611

    SAMiAM1611 New Member

    You're right, apparently they do refer to each twist as a coil:
    "During placement of the Essure coils, the physician is guided by a black band on the Essure delivery catheter. Deployment of the coil when the marker band is aligned with the ostia will typically yield a placement with 3 to 8 coils visible at each ostium. Although 3 to 8 coils are the goal, Essure labeling allows up to 18 coils to be visible at each ostium for an acceptable placement. The number of coils in the uterus can be easily verified hysteroscopically and should be documented at the time of the procedure."

  10. silkyblue

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  11. Tajshaj

    Tajshaj New Member

    I had the essure procedure done a year ago and at my 3 months I had a water test with an ultrasound to confirm that the procedure had worked, well 3 months after that (Dec 09) i ended up pregnant, and ended up having a miscarriage. I went back to my doctor in feb to have them check on the coils to make sure everything was fine he of course said yes. I was not satisfied, i wanted to see where the block was or was not for that matter so he sent me to have an HSG test. I had the test done today (may 25,2010) and low and behold my tubes are not blocked at all both coils are not even located in my tubes one is in my stomach and the other one they couldnt tell where it was located so i have to wait and talk to the doctor. Imagine that!!! The good news is, is that i was hoping that they were not blocked because i wanted to have another baby, but i was not expecting to hear that they were not in my tubes at all. I would recommend that if you do not want to get pregnant than get the IUD the one for five or the one for 10 and steer clear of the ESSURE!!!! PLEASE

  12. hjt397

    hjt397 New Member

    I HATE ESSURE! I'm 24 yrs old with 3 children. I had the Essure inserted September 2007. I love my doctor, but he was new at it. I had it done at the hospital under general anesthesia. My mother had to drive me home. I had severe cramps for 2 days. My periods went from being 3-4 days to 6-7 days. I was severely dehydrated April 2008 and landed in the ER, which happened to be a good thing because I had this done while on medicaid and didn't have insurance to do my 3 month check. After an X-Ray was done, found that my right insert was in the left side of my stomach cavity and not in the tube at all! I called my doctor, he replaced the insert for free as he had another lady with only one tube getting it done in a week or so. This time, was in the doc's office, which I was doped up on a full bar of Xanax and a 1000mg Vicodin, plus a shot of Lidocaine to my cervix. This time cramping afterwards lasted for the better part of a week, and my periods increased to 8-9 days with the first 4 days having to double-up because they are so heavy. My right side is always cramping, not just when I'm on my period. I want them out so bad, but I have no insurance! Don't get them! You'll regret it!

  13. GAtransplant

    GAtransplant New Member

    I had the essure procedure done in Aril'09. 2 weeks later I was hospitilized for a week with Tubal abcess. After having this procedure done, I've experienced monthly cramping like crazy. If I knew I would experience being in the hospital, and suffering with cramps so bad. Sometimes I cramp so bad it hurts when I stand up, and hurts when I sit down. After all the messages I've read on this blog, I know its not in my head!!! I wouldve opted for getting the tubal ligation. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and she was palpating my lower abdomin, and it hurt so bad I knocked her hand away. Now I am scheduled to go have a vaginal ultrasound done to see what is going on.

  14. prassu

    prassu New Member

    hi i have done my essure in aprial 23 and after 3mounths of wait i went to check the loop is locked it was lock
    but on the day of my essure pocedure i am have not haveing my regular period on till today i have been having every d litle bit of bleeding is that normal or i need to talk to my doctor

  15. Gaviota36

    Gaviota36 New Member

    wow...after reading all these comments I don't think I want to have essure. my fertility doctors recommended this for me as I have hydrosalphix in one of my tubes. she says this will block spillage from that tube increasing my chances of getting pregnant. well i don't want to increase my chances of having a heavier period or more cramps.

    thx to all for sharing your experiences.

  16. fancyk

    fancyk New Member

    I am 26 years old my fiance and i have been together 2 years we dont want anymore children i had 4 miscarriages and then got pregnant and finally carried after being on bedrest for the whole pregnancy. so now i have a wonderful almost 4 year old little boy and he has a great 5 year old little girl. so we are happy with just having the two. So i decided i was going to get fixed.

    I went to see a ob and they told me that essure was a better way to go. so i read the handouts they gave me discussed it with my fiance and we decided it sounded good. so on august 13 2010 i went in the day of my surgery and it hurt so bad one of the nurses had to hold my hand and another one was rubbing my legs so i would not kick the doctor. After it was done i went to get up and i almost fell over so they made me lay there for awhile. I got home and passed out for hours. When i woke up i was bleeding very badly but i just blew it off after all i had just had surgery. well after a week of extremly heavy bleeding, dropping huge blood clots and basically feeling like i was going through another miscarriage i called they doctor they told me that i would be fine. Then 3 weeks later (now the 4th week) still having major bleeding and pain I called again cause i ended up in the er after almost passing out driving down the road becuase i had lost so much blood. my oxegen leel in my blood went from 60 to 38 in less than 15 min. but they told me everything was fine. now it is almost jan 2011 and i still am having a whole lot of pain almost daily. most the time i just push it off i have children to take care of and a house and college. but it is getting really bad. Plus to make matters worse i have absolutly no sex drive at all. I hate it. but everytime i do have sex it hurts so bad and i start bleeding again. i feel like i am constantly bleeding all month. Up until this month and i have absolutly no bleeding but so much pain. does anyone have any ideas becuase i call my ob they say it is not my essure to call my family doctor and my family doctor says they cant do anythin with my essure.I am so confused and not sure what to do i dont want to go through menopause at 26 years old. if someone could help me please.

  17. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I suggest finding a new gynecologist and getting a second opinion. You should get some kind of scan to make sure the coils are in the right place.

    Did they ever do the HSG test to make sure your tubes were actually blocked? That's a crucial part of the procedure, they're supposed to do it 3 months later.

  18. fancyk

    fancyk New Member

    no they did not i had missed the appointment and called them to resecedule but no one has ever called or sent me any papers. i have tried calling multiple times they say they will talk to the doctor and call me back. but i never hear anything. it is getting so frusurating. and i found one place that will remove them and me not have to get a historectomy but it alll the way in north carolina and i am in iowa. so i dont know what to do.

  19. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    The first thing you need to do is get another doctor who is willing to do testing (ultrasound, CT, X-ray, whatever) to figure out definitively where they are in your body.

    You should also report to the manufacturer that you are having problems and that you've had trouble getting your doctor to do the HSG. They probably won't believe your problems are caused by Essure, but they might take the lack of HSG thing seriously.

  20. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Please make reports of problems with essure metal coils to the FDA.

    I would also like to let all you ladies know that my husband had cardiac by-pass surgery over 14 years ago. I took him yesterday to have one of the wires removed that they use to wire the sternum back together & hold it in place. The wires used to hold the sternum can work loose or corrode years later. You really need to consider what those metal coils will do long term especially if you are fairly young. You can google the chest wire & see that it does happen.


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