Ripped upper lip frenulum - help!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by heloisa, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Hello girls,

    today my daughter has has her first small accident, and I am devastated - first child, you probably know how that feels...

    Every day she follows me through the appartment, wherever I go, she's there with me. Exactly today, she decided she would stay in the living room while I went quickly to the kitchen, to take her bottle. Then I hear her crying.

    When I got to the room, she had the mouth full of blood. Oh, God, it felt teerible to see her this way.

    Apparently, she ripped the upper lip frenulum (the piece of skin between gum and lip). As my husband is travelling, I called my mother in law who came and told me that there is absolutely no reason to worry, that it will grow back and connect again. But as here in Germany they rarely choose to go to a hospital (where I am coming from, it is always the first choice, even in small cases), I wonder if I should take her to the doctor, so that he can take a look and tell me if she needs some stitches or so.

    Has anyone been through that here? Ot does anybody here know a similar case? If so, I would be glad to listen to your opinion.


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    Sorry to hear about your baby's accident, Heloisa. When I was about 10 years old I had a bike accident and tore my upper lip frenulum, and it never grew back together. I guess it would depend on the severity of the tear. If you're worried, take her to the doctor.

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