she's too tight for me??

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by BoyNamedSue, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. BoyNamedSue

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    My new girlfriend has a really tight pussy.
    How tight is it?
    It’s so tight, that I’m having trouble staying hard when I’m inside her.

    Not a very funny joke, I know.

    The problem is, my penis is kinda thick. My last girlfriend (together 5 years) was a good fit, but when she had an orgasm, her vagina would contract a lot and then she would get sore, so we would have to stop. I think over time I developed a conditioned response, so now when I try to f##k my new girlfriend, something in the back of my brain says “that pussy’s too tight, time to stop” and I lose my boner.

    I don’t have any trouble getting and keeping my erection when she’s blowing me or jerking me off. I’m still getting my morning wood, and don’t have any trouble keeping it up for as long as I want when I masturbate, so I know the equipment aint broken.

    Has anyone else out there had any problems similar to this? If so, how did you fix it?

  2. Raunchy-Row

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    Loosen her up with your fingers and your mouth first--LOOOOTS of foreplay. My guy is really thick and sometimes if we haven't had enough preparation, even though I'm wet I'm still a bit too tight for a comfortable fit. It causes his foreskin to pull painfully and he can't stay hard then either.

    Avoid positions that make her vaginal muscles tighter (girl on top will do this) as well? Those are the only things I can think of.

  3. BoyNamedSue

    BoyNamedSue New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I think it would help to give her more stimulation first. Crazy thing is, she’s not as into the foreplay as I am. She becomes aroused very quickly and wants to get right down to business. It’s actually kind of funny and ironic, in that laugh to keep from crying kinda way; for the twenty years that I’ve been sexually active I’ve tried to learn everything I could about pleasing women, now I’m with someone who’s needs are very basic and I’m somewhat at a loss.

  4. That sounds very familiar. I believed that all women had some erogenous zone or hot button that you could find with patient study which would get them all hot and bothered. Some women have all sorts of erogenous zones, some only have a few. I've been with my wife for two years now and I haven't found any.

    I was baffled, bewildered and frustrated for a while. Foreplay doesn't seem to get her going. But you know what makes her hot? Oral and intercourse. Well, isn't that what most guys want to skip to anyhow? I'm pretty much used to it, but at times it still feels like I'm skipping a step.

    I can't complain though, the sex is great and it last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. So in a way sex is the foreplay. Or maybe the foreplay is me throwing her on the bed (I'm still learning to be forceful).
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  5. Spell

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    Maybe try making it a game? See how long you can tease her before she gives in.

  6. Tarsia

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    What if you get her off first before intercourse? I know with me things relax and open up more after I cum.
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