So how are we feeling Post-Pill?

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    This message has been started for those of us who made the decision to toss our hormonal birth control methods and go au naturel.

    Please tell us what pill you were on. How long you were on, what side effects you had that made you quit, how long it has been since you quit the pill and how you are feeling these days. I think it would be great for those of us who are on the fence to see the difference. Also, if you want to share any withdrawal symptoms, that would probably be helpful too!

    I'm so happy I found this forum!

    Anyhow here's my info:
    1. Have been on several types of pills...most recently Alesse and the Nuvaring for approximately 1.5 years. Have been on and off BC for about 8 years though.

    2.Side effects-major depression, crying jags, sensitivity, anxiety, fear, feeling numb to life and love, much lower libido. I had the same effects no matter what pill i was on--i just was too afraid to get pregnant to go off sooner, but now i value my body more, and am able to handle my fertility with mature awareness and dedication and my partner is 100% supportive (which helps a lot!)

    3.It's only been 2 weeks hormone free, but already my crying jags have pretty much anxiety is much more manageable, I'm sleeping better, my depression is lifting, and I had my first orgasm in 4 months last week! SO powerful too, not weak at all, heheh. [​IMG]

    4. Withdrawal symptoms so far--headachey the first few days, really felt completely bloated, and my boobs were very sore. Also very tired for the first week, but that seems to be lifting, because I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and I haven't hit a slump yet today and it's 5:15pm!

    Anyhow--I know my first few periods are going to be much more painful--but I'm willing to ride it out till my hormones normalize. I'm looking forward to this process.

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    Today is day 38 off Ortho-Tricyclene which is a pill I took for at least 10 years, the 4 or 5 years before that I was on Ortho Novum 777 I think. Anyway since I stopped I had an almost normal period which started one day before it usually does. It was harsher than usual of course. Coming off the pill I had headaches, dizziness, depression, fatigue and I have gained 5 pounds, my boobs are huge too now, they were big before but now bigger and sore all the time. I am still moody at times but not as bad, also I have had sex like 2 or 3 times this last month which is waaaaay more than I have's usually been like once every couple months. So I think I am slowly crawling out of withdrawal hell. I have hope. I would highly suggest to get off the pill now to those who are undecided. Good luck ladies!!
  3. Cami

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    2 months sans la pill and I got two words for you all- SEX DRIVE! Im back baby! If that isnt a fantstic reason to quit I dont know what is!!!!!! The pill was also causing severe anxiety wich has since DRASTICALLY decreased and my moods are far more stable. Withdrawl: headaches, cramping, diziness, iratability, mild acne...BUT WHO CARES IM ANXIETY FREE AND HAVE THE SEX DRIVE OF A 19 YEAR OLD BOY!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo! Ditch your BC pills girls...they're evil and they're screwing with our boides! Tell the pharmaceutical companies that you refuse to be guinea pigs for there profit! [​IMG]
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    This really is a great topic! I'm one of those that's still on the fence and considering ditching my pills. I just don't know what other form of BC to use??!! I'm terrified of getting pregnant and an IUD just sounds too painful. What are you all using, if you don't mind me asking??
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    Male opnion: My wife and I are about to try it natural I have had concerns when I see and hear what bc can do to a woman. We are trying the Billings method, Will update once we start.
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    Original poster here...

    We have been using condoms since I quit the nuvaring. Crown Skinless Skin is the THINNEST you can far I'm okay with them, surprisingly, although I'm going to get fitted for a diaphragm too soon.


    CHICADEE80 New Member

    My name is Shannon and I am a 25-year-old mother with a 7-year-old daughter. This is my story.

    Early July of this year I started on the Nuvaring (not the first time), All was well for the three weeks except for the fact that that I had some real bad mood swing. I thought it would go away because this is how it was the last time. After the 3 weeks of having, the ring in I took it out, and put another one right in. You are supposed to leave the ring out for a week to go through your cycle and the replace it with a new one. It is not against the law to skip your period, so I did just that.

    A few days later, I was lying in bed and the room started to spin, so I closed my eyes and went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up got dressed for work and out the door, I went. Around noon that day I was sitting t my desk and out of no where my heart felt like it was going to blow right out of my chest, I was not able to catch my breath and then my vision started to go in and out. I was going to go home and lay down and one of my co workers told me just to go lay in my car just in case something happened someone would be near me. I would say about 10 min later I was in the E.R and was told that I had PSVT (heart condition) so I went home and laid down. The next day I was back in the E.R and then they told me I was depressed and had anxiety, which I new was not the case but ok what ever the Doctors say. I had told them about the pills (not bc) I had taken a few days before and they told me that was not the issue and nor was the birth control I was on. So back home I went and slept most of the day. The following day I got myself together enough to get in the car and Pick up my Daughter from my Brothers House (her vacation) the next Morning I was on my way back to the E.R! In addition, was told the something again.

    Well I am a woman and have lived in my Body for 25 years and I know it like no other. By this time, I wanted noting in my body so I took my Nuvaring out and Guess what. After my cycle I was fine. To be honest I thought my body was reacting to the medication (not BC) I had taken the week before, so after 2 weeks of being back to normal I made the choice to go back on the ring.

    I put it on Monday Aug 22 and on Friday the 26 I was at work and all hell broke loose in my body, vision off, heart pounding,weakness,tired ect. So went outside to get some air and that did not work and the rest of my day was a mess. The next day I was fine, went on about my life, and went to spend time with family and friends. Well just when I thought all was well.....Sunday I woke up in a panic, heart racing, crying and tingling in my arms,neck,back and chest, all of the same symptoms I had before. My boyfriend grabed the box that the Nuvaring came in and started to read and much to our surprise I had all the worst symptoms. I picked up the phone, called the on-call Doctor, and went over my findings. He then told me “Well I think you have found your problem! Can you take it out? I told him I had just removed it about 10 min ago. He said Ok, and I should call my Doctor On Monday to get back on a different form Of BC. In return I told him that I was done with the @$#%^@ and GOD made it possible for my to have children and I will be damned if I am going to mess my body up any longer and I hung up the phone.

    I had what I call a "fake period" but ever since the ring was taken out I have been a wreck. I am waiting for a real period and I hope that this will correct my hormones.

    I am on Valiums now to help me through this rough time. I will not make a list of all of my Symptoms but lest just say that there bad enough that I had to have My Daughter stay with family until I am better:..(

    I have found a Doctor in Austin Texas and if things do not fix them, self I will be on a plane to see him. Here is his web site I hope I can help someone else that is going through those same things that I am. (Hormonal Imbalance)

    Take care and best of luck,

    UPDATE: 23 DAYS LATER.......
    I am still waking up with the shakes and ANXITY but it's getting better. I had Sex last night for the first time in a long time and Ladys it was wonderful!!! The Depression is much better but I still an looking foward to being myself. I can honestly say that this has been one rough month!

    I wish all the Ladys out there the best of luck and my prayers are with you during this tough time.
  8. cakes

    cakes New Member

    My story/update:

    I have been on and off BCP's for about 8 or 9 years now, started with Necon for only a few months, made me CRAZY, moved on to ortho tri-cyclen, had boughts of depression/craziness which really affected my relationship at the time although I never pinned it on BCP, Dr tried to prescribe me Celexa, an anti depressant. I think I was too young/clueless to stop and say this isn't right! Eventually switched to Yasmin at my request b/c I thought it was a 'pms-free' pill (marketing scandal!). This ended up being the straw that broke the camels back so to speak!

    I have always suffered from fairly severe PMS while on the pill... but for some reason in the past 4 months or so it go SO bad... I was crazy, thought I was actually losing my mind. I couldn't sleep, had terrible anxiety and literally LOST it over the smallest arguments with my boyfriend. I had literally every pms symptom, from craziness and crying (which led to many embarrassing situations by the way) and anxiety, depression, insecurity, clinginess, paranoia etc.

    So anyway, my last pill pack I decided to quit! If I was still on it I would actually be getting my period tonight, I have my doubts it will arrive, but we shall see.

    In the past weeks since I quit I have felt like a new person, or my old self rather. My boyfriend is pleasantly surprised, and as angry as I am that nobody warms us about this. I have visited both my Primary care doctor and Gyn this week and they both were so matter of fact - yes, the pill can do that to you... It's no fun not feeling like yourself, I'm glad you decided to stop - hello?! Why haven't they helped me over the past 8 years?? perhaps it's my fault for not really throwing the severity of my symptoms in their face, but really we all should be warned. I never really connected my symptoms to the pill. I think the few days of normalcy a month maybe kept me sane? I don;t know.

    So I have been doing very very well these past weeks off the pill. My placebo week was a nightmare, anxiety like someone was standing on my chest, no sleep, crying etc... however it gradually faded and I truly feel great. My nipples were really sore for a while, I can't tell about my hair falling out since I know it always has but only now am I paying attention and trying not to be paranoid, I can have a heated argument without crying (this is BIG for me), and overall I can handle stress much better... Really, it is the best thing I have ever done. I just feel HAPPY... not euphoric, but normal, and I can appreciate how good I have it at the moment without seeing my life through a distorted hormonal Pill Cloud I once lived in.

    I have this fear lingering though that everything will come crashing down, that maybe it wasn't the pills and I am mentally fooling myself and it is temporary, but I am trying to have faith that this is not the case. Reading all of your posts really helps. I think time will help the most.

    So now I am reading Taking Charge of Your fertility and yesterday I was fitted for a Diaphragm... a humbling experience! well, for those of us not used to poking around up there anyways... I left feeling a high, like I was finally taking charge of my body and was starting to actually understand it! which all women really should. It's liberating.

    I will keep everyone posted on my progress and will keep reading this site, which has been a savior for me, an addiction too!

    Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or want to chat. Trust me, I have stories of my craziness that will make anyone feel better about their [​IMG]

    Good luck everyone, stay positive.
  9. brittany8

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    I had been taking Yasmin for my acne since march of 04. Everything seemed to be fine, no real bad side effects. Well, maybe about since the beginning of this year it had become increasingly more difficult to orgasm - which really sucked bc i just got married in november! I heard the pill could do that, but i didn't really think much of it. As time went on, it just became harder and harder to where i didnt really care anymore if i did get there - no fun for my husband!

    Also I was anxious about everything, school, work, going out on dates, and i would get irritated at every little thing. Looking back now I don't think the pill began the anxiety in me, but i think it made it a lot worse... So I stopped taking the pill 11 days ago, and so far I've just noticed anxiety at night and trouble sleeping. My period came almost immediatly after i quit - almost 5 days before it usually does. It did last a little longer than usual and the cramps did come back, but it wasn't too bad. I can totally live with it.

    I know it hasn't been that long, but I immediatly felt empowered after I came off and in control over my body. My husband and I are using the Fertility Awareness Method, along with barrier methods, and my husband is really supportive about it. Now instead of reminding me to take my pill, now he wakes me up and reminds me to take my temperature! Our sexual relationship has already took off - I told him I coulnd't remember the last time I had felt so good - anyway I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
  10. Guest

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    Pill free since June and doing faaaabuous! There were definitely some down times, nausea, dizziness, and anxiety. However, I'm back on top and feel like me again! It's such an empowering feeling to feel confident again. xoxo
  11. Kellifer

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    Been on Microgynon 30 for two years and three months.

    Symptoms at first were hot and cold flushes, headaches, constant nausea and anxiety. This calmed after about two months on pill.

    Due to personal circumstances it is hard to say when the depression and mood swings really began, but I'm pretty certain I was crazily irrational on the pill after only three or four months.

    While taking the pill it seemed to have affected many areas of my life. More frequent headaches and migraine attacks, nausea and flashes around pre-menstrual time. Severe anxiety and depression, fear of socialising and going out. Negative opinions about all of my relationships with people, which seemed like self-pity and irrational irritable behaviour to others. Little to no sex drive and feelings of disenchantment as regards my relationship. General feelings of worthlessness and just not wanting to live or at least not wanting to be seen living by anyone else.

    Stopped taking BCP on July 18th, after finding this site, having Googled for links between BCP and the severe focal migraines I was suffering every month.

    Since stopping, I have experienced giddiness, headaches, extreme anxiety attacks, severe near suicidal depression and being generally over-emotional. This was for the first few weeks after quitting.

    Towards my usual time of menstruation on the pill I suffered a four day focal migraine attack, constant nausea and lack of appetite. Severe bloated feeling, like the air is leaking from your lungs into your abdomen and blowing you up like a balloon. Extremely short of breath. The depression and anxiety is a little more controllable, providing I don't test myself by going out much. I'd nott like staying anywhere away from home and only go for walks that are leading homewards, if you get my drift. Need to sleep a lot but I am very restless and wake up startled in a panic a lot. Have a lot of nightmares when I do sleep.

    Finally, what I've done to help ease the symptoms:-
    Migraines helped by Migraleve and Ibruprofen. Bear in mind the Codeine in the Migraleve can give you constipation though.
    Headaches and flu-like aches and period pains helped by Ibruprofen or paracetamol depending on severity.
    Bloating helped by Nat Mur pillules and antacid remedies and eating more frequent and smaller meals.
    Anxiety helped by the Bach's Rescue Remedy which someone has mentioned before and is also available in a handy spray like those breath fresheners.
    Depression is helped by Ylang Ylang oil in your bath or massaged into skin according to directions by a helpful partner, or a more pleasing one unless you are suffering a lot of weight gain is rich dark chocolate.
    Taking vitamin B and getting a little exercise also seems to help if you can get out.

    I had my period 40 days after the final bleed brought on by quitting the pill four days before the end of third active pill week. My first natural period was longer and heavier than usual but I only needed to take one lot of painkillers and cramps were bearable.

    Since a proper period most of my symptoms have followed a similar pattern as last month but they are a lot less powerful. Still suffering mild anxiety and having trouble going out. Generally foggy headed all the time, but fewer headaches and no sign of a migraine attack yet; but that was around ovulation and I'm waiting to tell by my temperatures if I've got away without one this month.

    Sex drive is reluctantly returning, but where I live it is not easy to relax in the middle of a rowdy town. Therefore I think that any libido problem is more to do with stress than the withdrawal now.

    I still get bouts of depression and have since my last post (the beginning of this one) started taking Evening Primrose Oil and using progesterone cream. I think the cream might be making me itchy but I'm going to give it a few weeks more, since I think the anxiety is lessening. I am getting the odd bout of paranoia and hopelessness regarding getting better and my relationships and social issues, but things are improving.

    I think it will take a while to recover from the mental conditioning that has been instilled by the hormonal imbalance, ie going out and socialising normally again and not panicking about every little thing. Though the pyhsical and mental effects seem to be disappearing slowly day by day. I hope in a couple of cycles it will all be a memory and a challenge I have learnt from.

    I would advise women in general only to take the pill as a last resort. If there is any other way to deal with a physical problem then I'd do that rather than put synthetic hormones in my body. For women with any negative side effects of the pill or any form of hormonal birth control I'd say get off it ASAP. It's not worth wasting your very precious life by living it as a zombie on these poison pills.

    This experience has made me a lot more aware of my own health and what I put into my body. I feel empowered by that knowledge and much more in control of my life, now that I know I am being the real me and am even stronger for making it through this challenge.

    As for my next method of birth control, I'm charting my cycles and using condoms until I am sure enough of them to know when I'm not fertile. It might not be for everyone as contraception goes; but for the sake of a few minutes in the morning and a moment or two more on bathroom breaks, its well worth it to chart your cycles and know what your body is up to.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    First of all, let me just say how happy I am to have found this place (if for no other reason than to be able to vent & not feel so dreadfully alone anymore).

    I'd been on Yasmin for a few years and stopped taking it a few days ago due to the side effects, and the fact that I was beginning to worry about it causing permanent damage because a.) I have a history of adrenal problems thanks to some idiot doctor who put me on 40mg of prednisone per day 5-6 years ago and eventually developed Cushing's Syndrome and b.) I take prescription NSAIDS every day to help control my fibromyalgia related pain. Apparently, both my gynecologist & my rheumatologist didn't realize (or care) that there was a serious conflict of interests between Yasmin & my medical history.

    Anyway, although I had water retention and swelling in my fingers, the worst side effect had to do with anxiety. I did have pre-Yasmin anxiety, but looking back, I realize that after I started taking Yasmin, it began to control me rather than me controlling it. In fact, it became so controlling that I lost myself somewhere along the lines & managed to gain someone that I didn't particularly like. Oh, and I had absolutely no desire for sex. At all.

    Like I said, it's only been a few days since I stopped taking it (although I'd given it at least a few months thought before I did), but I feel awful. I've had pretty severe headaches, I'm exhausted and a bit on the irritable side. I also have more pain than usual, which might have to do with the diuretic effect that Yasmin has. In other words, I don't feel better yet, but I have noticed that my anxiety isn't quite as bad as it was (which may have something to do with my fatigue).

    Don't get me wrong, I don't like the fact that anyone has to suffer, but I'm just glad that my withdrawal symptoms are fairly ordinary. Of course, I'm also hoping that they don't get worse in the following weeks, but if they do, c'est la vie. At least I'll have somewhere to come when I'm feeling rotten. [​IMG]
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    I have been on the pill for 11years, all my sexual life in fact. For the last few years I've been taking Yasmin as read that it reduced period pains.

    Anyway, so I took my final pill a week ago, have had my final 'false' period, and now have to see what happens....

    Still v early days, but on day 5 someone said something upsetting to me and I burst into tears and literally could not stop for 2hrs, and on day 6 I had an upsetting phonecall that had me in tears.

    Feeling a bit irritatable, lethargic and not great. Am hoping I will feel better soon.

    I am interested to know when I might get my first real period, and what it will be like....
  14. Guest

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    I've been on the pill (Ortho Novvum, Ortho Tri-Cyclene) since I was a teenager, and I'm in my 30's now. I got off the pill in 2002 to have a baby and had a healthy pregnancy. I didn't go on the pill because my husband and I knew that we wanted another baby pretty soon. I had my second baby in March this year. Once we knew we were done, we decided to explore permanenet birth control options but decided against it for right now. We just weren't ready to make it that final.

    About 3 months after my baby was born, I decided to try the Nuvaring. I was nauseous and swelled with water. I decided to get rid of that and use Yasmin. I've been so lethargic and irritable since I started it. It's my 3rd month now. I also started getting really bad acne on my face. The more I started slipping into my depression and anxiety, I realized that my mood swings were actually better while I was pregnant!!! The three months after I gave birth before I went on the pill were some of the happiest and most peaceful in my life, and I was dealing with a 18-month old and a newborn. I was actually more stressed out and anxious on the pill than when I first came home from the hospital. I even had more of a sex drive recovering from a c-section than I did after I started taking the pill.

    So, yesterday, I made the decision. I tossed the pill. I am done! I'm not sure what we'll do for BC, but we'll figure it out. I have a decade or so before I hit menopause, and I refuse to have lived my whole adult life without knowing who I really am under the effects of the pill.

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories on this website. It has helped me more than I can ever express. No matter what the withdrawal symptoms are or how bad my period gets, at least I will be dealing with life - good, bad and the sex! - as me and not the stranger I've become to myself when I'm on the pill.

    Good luck to everyone on this tough but crucial decision. We women need to take back our lives, our choices, and our futures. Even if it is one pill-free life at a time.
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    Guest Guest

    Hello there ladies! (And gents?) I am on day #5 of a pill-free existance and it is a bitter sweet feeling! I went off of Ortho Tri Cyclene after about 2 years (I'd been on 3 other kinds but after 1.5 years or so, I'd start getting my period 2x per month...ugh). So I'd been thinking that my body was trying to tell me something so I talked to my hubby about going off the pill. I am 26 and we are looking to try for our first baby soon he said he thought it was a good idea too. I am with a huge constant throbbing headache, sore throat, bloated everything, cramps, and some anxiety. I have had a history of anxiety but it's been quiet for quite some time. BUT....I feel good despite. I feel more in control of my body. No more stupid pills! Hopefully I'll get a normal period next month....we want a baby!!!

    Hopefully these side effects will wear off soon but even if they last for a while and I have painful's worth it in my mind. And I hope my sex drive warms up a little too...that would help with the baby making, hehe.

    I have hypothyroid and have been treated for hopefully this will help ease my depression (been fine lately though...) and hopefully my thyroid will stay in check to get preggers. Congrats for taking control of your bodies ladies!!! [​IMG]
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    Guest Guest

    It is great to finally find somewhere that discusses post pill problems. Everywhere I have searched is all about BC and how to deal with the effects.

    I had been having problems with irregular periods so went to GP and was told to live with it (easy to say when you don't have three kids, work, help out at schools and sporting club. Well I may have been 42 at the time but I thought modern medicine would have a better solution than to live with it. A friend suggested Family Planning clinic with all female doctors. It was great to have someone actually listen and understand the problem.

    After much discussion I first tried Depo shots. But after the second one I said no more. They made me feel anything but like me. Next we tried Yasmin which would have been ok except for the waves of nausea on and off every day and lack of energy. So then came Microgynon 30. Well to say I was tired all the time would put it mildly, no interest in anything, brain didn't seen to want to function and my life seemed to be on hold. I went from walking everywhere and always on the go to having to force myself to get out of bed everyday and do anything.

    So now here I am 8 weeks post pill. Searching the net for answers. No period since bleed on final sugar pills, bloated abdomen, sore aching breasts, mood swings, aching joints,fluid retention and wishing I could just get back to normal. The only good thing to come from playing with my hormones was the cysts in my breasts had nearly disappeared at last mammogram but even they seem to be flaring up since stopping BC.

    At least my mind has cleared and my energy levels have increased.

    Any suggests on how to make this time easier until hormones return to some sort of normality would be very greatfully received.

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I had been wanting to go off the pill for months because it had completely killed my sex drive. I visited this site two weeks ago, and after reading that so many people had the same problem as me, I went and immediately threw out my pills (Ortho Cyclen). I had been on pills for approx 14 years (16-30)includinig, cyclen, tri-cyclen, marvelon and lo-estrin. It has been 14 days, and I feel fantastic. I lost 4 pounds already, and feeling much more confident and sexy. My sex drive has not returned 100%, but I am not completely repulsed by the thought of sex, which is great sign!
    Thanks to all of your postings which gave me he courage to ditch the pill!
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hey I have been off of my pill since may this year and I felt an imediate improvement.I Got my sex drive back almost straight away and stopped being an irrational bitch within 3 days,after that it was sort of up and down but much better.
    Now days,5 months down the line I no longer depressed,no longer irritated at the sight of certain people,I can hold my temper,my sex drive isback (Oh boy!!!) And I no longer suffer from 5-8 days of constant headaches/migraines around my period.
    Wouldn't look back,only forward into helping others,please tell your experienc by doing my questionnaire(see link below)
    Keep it up even if you don't see an immediate improvement!!!It's worth it to be human again and all the suffering that the body goes throught to get back to normal should only proove to you how much damage your contraception was doing in the first place!!!
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Good to hear from people who are feeling better now

    I still feel pretty lethargic, but its only been 11days since came off the pill so imagine it will take a while for my body to rid itself of the pill and for my hormones to adjust.

    I am amazed that this is the only website on the net that offers this kind of forum, its just crazy!
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    Well energy levels slowly rising and finding it easier to get out of bed and start the day. Don't miss not having a period but this abdominal bloating and sore breasts are anything but pleasant. Anyone have any suggestions to help?

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