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  1. Ivy0622

    Ivy0622 New Member

    Oh Beth...I hope it was just too early :) I myself am obsessing this month. DH was away for two weeks and when he got back I was ovulating and fighting a bad flu...fever and all! So we've been bd'ing like bunnies :) I'm not sure if we missed our prime chance or not but I'm hoping we got it right. I've had sore boobs the past few days (something I rarely get) and my cm had a slight pink tinge to it yesterday. Last night I was out with the girls...had two beers and it took all I had to keep them down. Of course, I think it's way to early to experience any kind of nausea...but you never know. My testing date will be February 29th....sure hope this is it.

    And good luck to you. I really hope AF stays away for you!
  2. dee

    dee Active Member

    Good luck ladies [​IMG]

    Baby dust to you both!

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  3. T.E.

    T.E. New Member

    Baby dust, Beth and Ivy!
  4. Spitler

    Spitler New Member

    Sorry Dee, for some reason, I thought you tested at 10 DPO. Beth, I took a dollar store test after my ept digital and it was negative. SO I dont think those are very sensitive, but other ladies swear by them.

    Good luck ladies!! Baby Dust!!
  5. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Beth, I also hope it was too early. You never know. In another day or two, could be a whole other story!

    Hang in there (like you, or any of us, have a choice, right??? lol)

  6. beanie

    beanie New Member

    hi ladies! sorry bout the BFN beth. but like you said the spotting stopped! [​IMG] so keep the hope!

  7. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Another BFN today, except I'd call it just a FSN (little skinny negative!). I used one of the dollar store cheapie tests because I decided I didn't like them. So I wasn't suprised at the result because it's not sensitive enough. Yeah, still too early, that's what I'm telling myself.

    Day 5 of spotting at 11DPO but the past 2 days have been lighter in amount and color than the day 2 and 3.

    Still hoping for a miracle.
  8. Ivy0622

    Ivy0622 New Member

    Well I'm out AGAIN! AF came this morning. I'm so not liking my body. My cycles used to be 26 days....now I'm down to 19. It hasn't been normal since my mc. I just wish it would bounce back already...

    Good luck to you Beth....here's hoping for a BFP for you!!!
  9. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ivy, I'm sorry! I was just popping on here to update the list and add you! Ugh! Does this mean you had a short LP? If so, and if that keeps happening, you might see about a progesterone supplement.

    Beth, you're still the only one on there! Strange that you've had so many days of spotting, but not quite AF. Doesn't it stink that when it starts to really matter, you body does odd things!?
  10. Ivy0622

    Ivy0622 New Member

    Thanks MyrtleWarbler. I usually ov around cd9 to cd13 with LP of 11 or 12. But like I said, since the mc, my body is just not cooperating with me. I have to see my doctor next week so I'm going to ask her about the progesterone. I had my hormone levels checked last week because I was getting really depressed about a week before and the week of AF. It's been happening since November. I would start crying for no reason and couldn't explain it to DH. I was just really blue and couldn't shake it. He was getting worried about me. My doc says it may be bad PMS or it could be my hormones. And of course two things to combat it are not conducive to conceiving so I told her they're out of the question. DH is just going to have to put up with my mood swings...hehehehe! She also gave some suggestions for my diet..increasing fruits & vegetables during that time, staying away from caffeine (which really isn't a problem for me) and taking some vitamin supplements. We'll see this week.
  11. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Read up on agnus castus for pms, it made me ov this cycle and i'm very irregular xx
  12. Ivy0622

    Ivy0622 New Member

    Thanks Jen....I'll check it out :)
  13. BethG

    BethG New Member

    sorry about AF Ivy. I remember back in December I went from 32 days to 24 and it really threw me for a loop and depressed me too. I hope you get some answers from your doctor and your hormone test.

    Maybe surprisingly, I'm still upbeat. I know I ovulated. I know our timing was good, not great, but good. The spotting for 5 days is not normal, but AF has not visited yet. I just say the 2 negative tests are because it's too early. I'm still hopeful.
  14. beanie

    beanie New Member

    well im still hopeful for you to beth!
    Ivy im sorry bout AF. (((ivy)))
    im not even sure what im doing at all this cycle. didnt get ewcm really at all this cycle but ive had so much watery cm for the last two days it feels like im peeing my pants.? and sore nips which ive never had! i slept till about 1:00pm in the afternoon today! thats eleven hours of sleep and i coulda went longer! lol really shakey today to.? arent sore nips a sign of ov?
  15. **Cleo**

    **Cleo** New Member

    Sorry Ivy!! {{hugs}}

    Beanie - Are you sure you haven't O'd??? For me I never really got sore nipples before or after I ovulated, but on both my BFP cycles they were really painful after ovulation, for me I knew this was a sure sign [​IMG]
  16. BethG

    BethG New Member

    CD24. DPO12. Still spotting (6 days). Still negative. I'm guessing this is the end. *sigh*

  17. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Your time will come BethG [​IMG]

    I'm very broody hehe, my friend has just got a little brother and he's adorable! He's 21 years older (his dad remarried to a 27 year old). Me and my bf disagree on baby names already hehe.
  18. beanie

    beanie New Member

    i thought i had since its getting close to the end of my cycle but then i started getting ALOT of watery cm almost ewcm but not quite. and now today and yesterday my nips have been pretty tender so i wasnt sure. bf says they my bbies look a little bigger but i think hes crazy. lol their only sore to touch not all the time so i thought maybe late ov? who am i kidding i have no idea whats going on in my body whatsoever [​IMG] lol in all the bfp cycles ive heard of every one said their nips were extremely sore! so i wasnt sure.
  19. JoanieD

    JoanieD New Member

    How close to the end are you?!!!!
  20. beanie

    beanie New Member

    um .. af usually comes at the begining of the month so id say like around 6 or 7 DPO maybe?

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