The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (part 3!).

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  1. Martian

    Martian New Member

    Thanks for the reply.. im trying my best to stay supportive but be cautious not to get hurt..

    here's an update..
    the way she handled the breakup was kinda strange as well, she emailed saying she wanted us to go our separate ways and for me to move on and not wait for her while she finds a job and independence.. then shes been initiating contact via text treating me like im still there for her almost daily a week after the breakup. then i kinda got straight to the point at the end of the week that i didn't want to be put on the back burner while she sorted her feelings out but to not regard our very limited contact as that Im ignorning her.. so now its 3 weeks and i finally got a chance to have our first actual conversation with her over the phone and she still seemed numb and distant but i was able to clarify alot of things.. another crazy thing is she got desperate and told me she had accepted a 6 temp job offer from her old high school friend who lives on the east coast and owns a company with her husband.. supposedly they're going to fly her out to try it out and then she comes back in May to walk for her graduation.. she's never been the type to want to up and leave her family and she claims that if she likes it there she might move permanently back (not sure if she's pulling my leg on this one).. she originally wanted to teach locally and im just surprised at all the drastic life changing decisions shes making right now.. now im just gonna give her no contact space while she's gone until she comes around and she knows im here for her if she needs me and i told her i would like to be a part of her graduation but told her that it hurts for her to contact me when im not sure how she really feels.. so she knows i want her but if the mere presence of me is bringing up negative emotions, then i will let her have her space for awhile.. i just wish she looks past the bad times (which have peaked in the last month just recently since she got off) and remember all that we been thru.. wish me luck!
  2. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- glad you're finally seeing the light [​IMG]
    How are all the rest of you doing??
  3. larara

    larara New Member

    Thank you! argh its soo weird, 2/3 weeks ago i was hopeless and depressed. now i cant stop thinking about him..! i love him so much ragghh haha [​IMG]
    this should really help others to know that you do get better, im expecting ups and downs but at least for now im having good days [​IMG]
  4. Jenna0777

    Jenna0777 Member

    Hey ladies! I am doing alright. I look back at how I use to be when this first started and I have come so so far. From being extremely irritable and not even wanting to wear the ring he got me to actually missing him now when I'm not with him! I just hope I keep healing and eventually get tobwhere I was before. I still have certain days of doubt and feel like I will never get my feelings back. I try my best to keep hope. How are you feeling wings? And larara I'm so happy you are still feeling so great!:):)
  5. Ali2290

    Ali2290 New Member

    Hey everyone, feeling better everyday! Still having some issues here and there but I'm sleeping a lot better and I'm not waking up with anxiety every morning ! Still have some intrusive thoughts but I can dismiss them very easily. I went to the doctor and he of course was no help he said it def wasn't the birth control ( after he said this I wanted to smack his face right off his face) and he tried to put me on antidepressants for the sleep problem I have not taken them becAuse I feel like I'm improving more and more each day and getting closer and closer to putting this behind me.

    I'm happy to report that my sex drive is slowlybut surely coming back I don't want to have sex all the time but I do sometimes which is a drastic increase from never feeling like it.

    Larara! I'm so happy your feeling better ! Keep us posted it helps so much every time you tell us your improvements! How are you feeling do you still have the physical side effects how did you feel right up until you've been feeling great!

    Hope all is well keep me updated
  6. Addrian

    Addrian New Member

    I stopped my BC on Thursday and bought a LadyComp yesterday. I'm glad to see I have a support system if need be! Thank you all for being open to sharing all of this.

  7. novi

    novi New Member

    Not as many familiar faces on here as there used to be... But I thought I'd check back in...

    I underwent a COMPLETE, TOTAL AND INSTANT recovery from the side-effects of stopping my birth control (Nuva Ring) in February of 2011 after drinking some colostrum... the first milk from a cow that's just given birth. I had suffered for nearly three years OFF of the Nuva ring and it was getting worse. But after drinking the colostrum, it instantly got rid of my depression, joint paint, constant exhaustion, craziness, and a few pounds to boot (over a couple weeks). Pretty sure it somehow got my thyroid and adrenal working. (Check some of my old posts if you're interested in the whole saga.)

    Lately I'd been having a slight regression of symptoms... a bit of depression, craziness, joint paint... and the constant exhaustion. I've been regularly taking colostrum, and it wasn't changing the situation. Confused and scared, I began to do a bit of research. Someone's post on another forum pointed out that iodine is important to thyroid function. Apparently seaweed (kelp) is a wonderful natural source of iodine.

    So... I happened to have some dried seaweed in the cupboard for making miso soup... so I microwaved some in a little bit of water and chowed the stuff down. Within about 20 minutes I felt amazing again.

    Because the colostrum is so difficult to get ahold of because it can't be pasteurized or easily shipped and is not legal to sell (I live in the dairy state so it's a little easier for me to find the raw product) nobody on this forum was able to try the stuff.

    So, I'm hoping the seaweed might be a bit more accessible for people. You can buy it in powder, or dried form (usually stocked at the asian markets), and just simply rehydrate it in water. If you're feeling really fancy make miso soup with it. But it doesn't taste bad... just a little salty.

    I'm interested to know how this might help others... :) Nothing to lose, right??
  8. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Hello ladies! I'm happy to read the tunnels looking a little lighter hang in there. There will be ups and downs but they will absolutely be more manageable and less frequent. Today is my 1 year mark!!! IT DOES GET BETTER!
  9. larara

    larara New Member

    wings; im soo happy to hear you are better!! i was doing so well and now that im starting to come on my period everythings kinda going off again [​IMG]
    all the old thoughts and feelings, or lack of feelings really!! i just wanted to know if this was normal. i just dont need more stress!!
  10. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- yes it is normal. I'm a year off and still get dips around my period, it gets a little less and less as the months go by.
  11. Ali2290

    Ali2290 New Member

    Meh I've had a bad couple of days and it sucks cause I was doing so much better , how's everything with your boyfriend larara ? I still havnt had a period.
  12. jixxystardust

    jixxystardust New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but I've been browsing it for a while. I'm a teenager who's seen the bad side of the mini pill. I had never tried any long term contraception so I started with the mini pill (specifically cerazette) as it was easy to take. As the weeks progressed I developed what my doctors have been calling a migraine aura. It put my life into hell as it causes visual disturbances, headaches etc etc. Alongside this I'd get so anxious that I'd get heart palipatations and emotionally I was a mess.

    It's been over a month from coming off and I've seen so much improvement I'm sure it was the pill that did it. I still believe that my hormones are adjusting as I still get anxiety which I never did before the pill. I might go for a hormone test to see where everything is at. But it was truely horrific, I wish the side effects were more fully emphasized.
  13. larara

    larara New Member

    Wings; thank you! i have just come on and my mood is starting to ease up again, but when you are feeling low and have anxiety you think its all over again!! its like you cant see the light at all, yeah i hope it gets easier eachtime, coming on this time was very tough but im glad its worked out... again! ;p

    ali; things are okay, we're having a little space becuase everything got a little intense due to something awful that happened last sunday, but im thinking things will be okay. and dont worry about your period, it took 10 months for my period to come back!!!

    jixxy; welcome and it 10000% sounds like the hormones, i had nearly everything you had, but its good that everything is starting to stop a little. just take things slowly and take each day as it comes [​IMG]
  14. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi everyone - Just a quick update: I was 1 year off as of April 7th. Just like Wings, things do get better and I too get dips around my period (PMS). I hope that everyone hangs in there - just continue to take care of yourself and over time, you will feel better. Listen to your body; rest when you need to, eliminate certain things from your diet (alcohol, sweets, caffeine), and try to think positively.

    Be well,
  15. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- yes it's a very unpleasant tease! Take it easy girl [​IMG]
  16. Ali2290

    Ali2290 New Member

    larara: thats good to hear i hope things get better for you, so i figured out why i had such a bad week, i finally started my period today, its very heavy and never was like that before i started birth control, ive been having hot flashes like CRAZY its driving me nuts, hopefully its a sign that my hormones are balancing out how is everyone? doing well i hope also to the newer members welcome!!

  17. SS1

    SS1 New Member

    Hi ladies

    I came across this site thankfully when checking my symptoms online-

    I have stopped the BCP now for just over a month, I have picked up 4kg's, terrible headaches(which seem to have subsided now), bloated, acne and worst of all , my hair is falling :(-
    I am taking a vit b complex, iron, vit c, a hair and nails vit, calcium, and a multi-vitamin too, but i dont know if its helping, my hair is so thin, you can see the scalp,
    can anyone pls help me, is there something else i can take for my hair ? i feel so self consious(sp) now-

    but I am "glad" to see that I am not the only one having these symptoms- the pharmacist told me i was very mistaken cos people dont have these symtoms when they stop the pill -
  18. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    SS1 - welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience with the hair loss- maybe someone else can chime in on that. But the headaches, acne, bloating all are common issues when you go off birthcontrol.
    If you've gotten a "real" period then count yourself as lucky that your hormones seem to be regulating themselves. Continue taking the vitamins. Some people like herbal supplements to help regulate hormones.
  19. Annie_x

    Annie_x New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Your comments of recovery really help and are giving me hope that this will end (which sometimes I really think I'm going to be like this forever). I'm a month off Depo and last week I started to feel 80% back to myself, and this week I've been back to the anxiety, depressed person with these horrible intrusive thoughts! I'm taking vitaim b6 and Agnus Castus and they have helped to stop the aniexty so much where I can't sleep - I have tried to get the pms teas which Kris recommended but have not had any luck in shops so will have to get them online - is there anything else anyone can recommend? I have important exams coming soon and I really don't want to have these symptoms around the most important time of my life!

    Can someone also advise me about whats going on with my body? The doctor said that the depo leaves the system as soon as the new injection is due so why am are we experiencing these symptoms? I've never suffered from anxiety or depression its scary at times how low you can go - When I should be the happiest I've ever been in my life.

    Any advise will be appreciated. I hope everyone is well [​IMG] x
  20. SS1

    SS1 New Member

    thanks Kris1980 :)- will continue taking the vits - have started extra folic acid now as well,

    enjoy yr day

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