The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (part 3!).

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  1. campengurl17

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    Wings--- iv been going thru this mess for 8 months and off BC for 7. I have good days and bad days where like some of the feelings has come back and i just know everything is gonna be kk and then i have bad days where i feel so hopeless and like im going to never feel the same as i did before and just question every aspect of my relationship..Idk i feel like and emotional rollercoaster...i can't say i feel like myself yet...and this stuff has also affected other aspects of my life i just focus on my relationship and Idk why...
  2. mn123

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    Glad I found this site. I went to a therapist a few days ago because I thought I was going crazy. Anxiety progressively worse in the last year since I started Kariva. The therapist mentioned that birth control can cause all sorts of problems so when I went home I did some research and threw the pills in the trash. I was getting so I couldn't stand myself. I would get horrible anxiety over the smallest things and I could really belittle myself. This is no way to live. So far 4 days off! I have been blessed with an IR sauna as a gift a few months ago so I am going to try detoxing this stuff out of me. I also take evening primrose oil and a high quality liquid multivitamin.
    Thanks for all your stories.
  3. larara

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    wings; ive been going through this 10 months but been off for 7 months. im so hopeless at the moment, i feel like theres no way out at all. its like i have to leave him cause this is it. im so numb and im just not able to talk to anyone, it feels like i dont care.. did you ever have this? my body hurts from how much ive been worrying and thinking about this. i dont want to believe it. it feels like ive lost all closeness with everyone and him especially. i just want to be sick. how was the 7th month for you??
  4. wingsclipped

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    Larara- don't make any choices right now you don't need to just give yourself time to just be present. Explain to those around you what has happened to you and asked them to support you atleast for a few more months. It's hard for people to understand what exactly it is that we are going through and how it feel. I remember people asking me "are you sure you don't have an issue with me?" them most horrible question people would ask me that would make me go from sad to angry was "when are you gonna be ok? It's been like 3 months now come on!." I had a terrible time I had everyone's symptoms plus my body was rejecting food! I was a mess. Im better at 9 months then 7. It can take 6 months for your body to wake up and start producing on it's own even that will take time to catch up, which is why I can't stress enough how important it is to get a saliva test done.
  5. larara

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    Wings; thank you, i just feel like it is a MASSIVE step backwards because this time last week i felt really good! like practically back to myself, my feelings were normal. and then i got my period and it all went down hill, the low mood and thoughts have been building up all those few days and today i have done nothing but stare at nothing and cry because i keep thinking i have to leave my boyfriend. Im scared that it isnt the b/c anymore and its just me.. but i have only had 2 periods in 10 months and theyre no where near regular.. how were you at 7 months?? did you have really strong ups and downs?
  6. Jenna0777

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    Larara and camp I am right there with you girls! Everything you girls say is how I'm feeling too. I hung out with my bf the other night and I got my feelings back for a fee hours!:D well not all but probably about 75%. I was not annoyed by him at all and I felt like everything was going to be ok. We went to get something to eat that night and I was driving. He turned on the radio and I was like can we not listen to the radio? Lol I was trying to make the feelings last as long as they could and I didn't want a song or anything to change my mood. They lasted for a few more hours and then I was back to the I just don't care feelings:( I have such a bad image about him right now because I feel like 50% of thr things he does is just annoying. I'm so scared that when this is all done and over with that I'll have to fall back in love with him and that I won't be able to because I have this bad image. Some days I'll sit here and think is this a good day for me? How do I feel? Well it's hard to say because I'm soooooo use to feeling like this now!!!:(((((

  7. kerbear

    kerbear New Member

    Hey Ladies!

    I haven't posted on this forum in so long, but a post from one of you girls on facebook has brought me back to give you a little hope. I apologize that I have not been back in so long, but the reason is, I am better, and have fully recovered to my old self again. Once I got better I avoided to forums to kind of get a sense of normalcy back. Some of you may remember me, and some of you are new, but you can find my stories on here if you go back through the threads. I too had similar problems as many of you. However the worst, most terrible, catastrophic symptom for me was losing my feelings for my boyfriend of five years (now fiance!). I have been off of BC for 1 year and 3 months now, and it took a good 10 months before I began to see my normal self consistently.
    I think time was a major healer for me, I also began to get better once I started seeing a great therapist and I started taking Celexa (9 months ago). I must admit I was really scared and anti medication for a long time. Throughout the process, I tried the whole vitamin regimen, I also quit drinking caffeine and alcohol, improved my activity levels and diet, but none of it seemed to work. So finally I decided to try out Celexa. I can't say for sure that the medication is the thing that pulled me out of the slump, I think it was a combination of many things (time, therapy, good friends, and being busy in a normal routine). Once I started feeling better I still had some bad times but they were
    pretty rare and less severe.

    My Fiance and I got engaged September of this past year. I am so happy and so in love with him it is crazy. At one point I was so sure that those feelings would never resurface again, but they did. He is the absolute one for me, my soulmate, my lover, my bestfriend, and my rock that never falters. I know that now, and I knew that then (that is why it was so hard to get through the numbness and negativity of what BC had done to me). I know of some relationships on here that did not make it through, but do not despair because there are those that also make it through and
    are just as much in love as before BC destroyed that point in your life. I know it so hard to see the light and I feel terrible for you girls that are still going through this. It was the hardest and most stressful time in my life. But now I'm getting married in Costa Rica with the most wonderful man in the world and I know how lucky of a girl I am!

    Another forum that also helped me was, it seems that the site does not work anymore but the most helpful thing about it were the posts on ROCD (relationship obsessive compulsive disorder). So make sure you google that and see if that helps with the understanding of what is going on in your head right now. I also did the saliva tests and virtually had no progesterone in my body. I used progesterone cream to kick start my own progesterone, and it did help. I only used it for about 4 months and that was enough for me.

    Well I have to go get ready for work. I hope this helps ladies!
    Keep your heads up!
  8. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- yes there are alot of ups and downs. As Clark once said(she is one of the girls on here a few months back) " it's like taking one step forward and two steps back." later on it becomes "two steps forward one step back." the power of hormones I tell ya. I've had anxiety that's been building up for about a week now I think I'll take a walk. It helped adding some of the girls on facebook, putting faces to some of these names [​IMG]
  9. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Kerbear- thanks for the response on fb! I'm happy you came on here to post you just gave me this amazing feeling right now you have no idea( or you probably do haha) THANK YOU THANK YOU!! xoxoxo
  10. larara

    larara New Member

    jenna; i cant even explain the low i have had for the past few days, i have done nothing but cry. every moment it was me thinking "omg now i have to do it" (leave him). it was like something inside of me was pushing me to think that i hate him, that i despise all the things he does, for example if hes talking to someone he'll make a joke and ill think "ugh youre not funny.." it hurts to think something like this about someone you love, did any of you have this?

    kerbear; thank you for the post it is really helpful and gives me hope.. what were your ups and downs like near the 6th month onwards? mine seem pretty intense.. when did your feelings fully come back?! im so scared mine wont ever come back, im still with him and im 7 months off.. when will they fully come back? [​IMG] im having random glimpses of them but nothing like they were before..
  11. larara

    larara New Member

    wings; im 7 months along surely i should be at the stage of two foward and one back.. urgh i dont know, i feel so irritable tonight.. anything my boyfriend does im just thinking like "ugh shut up" i hate this, ive never ever thought this of him..
  12. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- hahaha oh my goodness you sound just like I did/ do at times! Me and my bf have been on and off for three years(mostly on) and I was a ragging bitch from hell from 7 to about around now at 9months I started taking zen 200mg because of it it calmed me down I still get irritable here and there.
  13. Jenna0777

    Jenna0777 Member

    Larara--I know exactly what you mean. It's little stuff like that that makes you go ugh I do not like him at all!! It sucks so bad! But you know you don't want to leave them. Sometimes when he txts me I'm even like ugh I don't really want to talk to you. And then somedAys it's different. Today is a pretty good day for me and when I do have good days like this and then see him it's such a let down because go over there thinking I'm going to have feelings for him and then bam I feel nothing! Such a let down. Some days when I'm having a terrible day though I even debate on going over there and for some reason those seem like the best days with him and I have a little bit of feeling back. Weird how that works.

    Kerbear thank you so much for that post!!!!! It made my day and I think that's why I'm in such a great mood today. The worst thing for me and a couple of the other girls on here too I think is losing feelings for our boyfriends. Without yours and wings stories idk if I would have any hope at all. It's great news to us that you are crazy in love with him again and almost brought me to tears reading that because it gave me so much hope that that will be me soon! So thank you so much again! You and wings both!
    Any girls that would want to be Facebook friends I would love that!!

    Have a great day girls!
  14. larara

    larara New Member

    wings; yeah im getting annoyed at ANYTHING at the moment, did you have that at 7 months?? its like im really detached from him and anything seems be getting on my tits grrhh!! but i dont like getting annoyed.

    jenna; yeahh, urgh ive been worrying so much and been in my own world for the past few days that i literally have been soooo depressed and quiet and detached that its taking a while to return to normal and feel normal again. its like you dont know them.. if you see what i mean ?

    argh i dont know girls, ive not been feeling myself recently at all. my body is all panicky everytime i think about these past few days and the especially the thooughts id been having
  15. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- yes I did feel like that at 7 months and still get really annoyed now but everything's a little more manageable now then at 7 months.
  16. larara

    larara New Member

    wings; okay i guess thats okay, but i just feel a little like how i did when it first started, like hopeless and i always get really panicky and upset when i think about him, did this happen too? sorry to ask so many questions im just very nervous about the state ive been in for the past few days.. like not very much myself haha. i know im still healing but you know how it is, always doubting everything.. leaves you to question absolutely everything. i hate questioning everything about my feelings for him, im worried that even if feelings do come back, will i still doubt those? will mine ever be as strong as they were before? arghh this is so annoying, sorry for all the questions..

  17. Jenna0777

    Jenna0777 Member

    I also feel SO annoyed right now. I can't even have a normal conversation with him on the phone without getting mad. It's starts off good but then as it goes on Im just like ugh! It'll just be him talking about his day too so it's not like he is being annoying or anything. I just feel like I don't care about anything. I'm always like whatever I don't care. Even with my feelings about him. Yea don't really care right now! But as mad and annoyed that I get at my bf I still don't want to break up with him (at least not today) and I still just want those feelings back:(
  18. larara

    larara New Member

    Jenna; i get this too, i get frustrated when my bf is doing anything at the moment. its soo annoying argh, i dont want to be annoyed but i cant help it..

    i found a good article for any girls who are feeling detached or unreal:

    and i have another one about bad thoughts about loved ones or boufriends!!! its really good:

    i recommend reading them sometimes, its helped to put things into prespective for me [​IMG]
  19. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- ask away my dear no worries [​IMG] you'll feel a little better soon you're more then half way there, stopping BCP was the best thing you could've done.

    Jenna- your feelings will come back [​IMG]

    Hang in there ladies! We can chat on fb or on here I'll check the site through out the day and I'll see if the other girls can come back on here to update and give support. We are all putting ourselves back together after the bc mess so we've been mia from the site, which I think is a good thing.
  20. campengurl17

    campengurl17 Member

    Are u ladies sure that we will get past these feelings of doubt and questioning everything about our relationship..that we will ever feel like ourselves? Happy again...that we will feel happy about our boyfriends and know without a doubt how we feel...iv been going thru this for about 8 months and off BC for tired of being like this...i know i love him and want to be with just so tired of doubting it and questioning it..i just want to feel what i know....

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