The poor guy was just

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    HUNGRY..........geeeeez didn't have to take the poor guy to jail for it....LMAO

    JENSEN BEACH, Fla. -- Police in Florida said they arrested a Connecticut man after he tried to steal communion wafers during a church service. The Martin County Sheriff's Office said a 33-year-old man was cornered by fellow churchgoers when he grabbed a handful of wafers from the priest during communion services Saturday.

    The Stuart News reported that the man was being held down by six or seven offended parishioners when deputies arrived at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Jensen Beach. Police say two parishioners, ages 82 and 61, received minor injuries in the scuffle.

    The man was charged with two counts of simple battery, theft and disruption of a religious assembly. He was being held Tuesday on $2,000 bond at the Martin County
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    If you're hungry, communion wafers are not the thing to eat. They wouldn't be very filling.

    Sounds like something else was going on with this guy.

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