Things to do before c-section??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by dee, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. dee

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    Not sure if this should go here or in parenting...

    One of my best friends is having to have a c-section next week as her baby is breech and refusing to turn (yep, it's a boy, lol!) She has asked me to spend the day before with her as she is a bit anxious and would like some distraction. So, I was wondering: anyone who has had a planned c-section, what did you do the day before? What would you have liked to do? She is still pretty active, so walks and things aren't a problem. I want to make it special for her as it's her last day before bubs is born, but don't really know in what way a mum-to-be wants to spend that day!
    Any thoughts?

    dee x

  2. claire

    claire New Member

    Dee what a lovely friend you are........
    I've not had a c-section, but I did spend the weekend with my best mate last weekend - it was a kind of last girls weekend together before baby comes...
    It was my perfect day, and heres what we did.... We went to the cinema to see ps I love you (I cried so much!), we went for lunch in a lovely cafe/restaurant place, and then we went to her local gym and had a swim, and i then had a leg massage and a facial. I can tell you, the whole day was bliss - doing things I reckon i wont be doing for a while once junior arrives. The best part of the day was the facial - it was pure indulgence and didnt cost a lot. And my goodness I was sooo relaxed after, and slept so well that night.
    Hope this has put a few ideas in your head, maybe the ladies who have had sections may have other ideas of things to do.
    Good luck with planning!
    Claire x

  3. ladybuglnc

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    When my best friend was pregnant last year, I paid for her to have a prenatal massage. I think it was only like 40 bucks and she loved it.

  4. dee

    dee Active Member

    Thanks ladies! Very helpful! I've been looking into a Spa day but I can't afford for the two of us to go, so need to have a bit more of a think. I'm a massage therapist myself so I can do that part, but it would be nice if it was something we could both do as a Girlie Day!

    I'm going to copy this over into the Parenting forum too, b/c I'm thinking most of the c-section ladies spend more time over there!

    Thanks again!

    dee x


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