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Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by XxWoahBabyxX, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. XxWoahBabyxX

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    I'm far from fat I will admit. I'm 5'0 and weigh 120 lbs. I had a baby in July and I'm haveing a tough time getting rid of the extra flab/skin I guess you can say.

    I've tried everything from dieting, using the treadmill everyday, exercise equipment and simple things like "Kinect Adventures" and even the Wii fit still. Nothing seems to be working.

    If anybody knows any other type of effective but healthy way to lose the flab please let me know.

  2. lovelyme200

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    You are not fat! I had a baby that is 2 years now and I was in the same situation that you are in. If exercising is not working for you than that mean you are not doing it right. STAY OFF CARBS first of all, if you are eating too much carbs which is contained in pasta and bread etc. there is no point of working out. you will get skinny but your stomach won't, it will be bloated. here is what I did, I drink lots of protein shakes, ate protein rich foods like chicken and steak and hit the gym 3 times a week. hit the crunch machine, traidmill, work out your back. and if you are worried about a saggy butt, I use a booty wow, to help tighten, lift, and make it firm. eat small portions throughout the day!!!!
  3. sofiamoouween

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    Reduce the calorie intake in your foods. This will prevent from getting over weight.
  4. Allon Watson

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    Take less amount of calories and go with some cardio activities.

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