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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by lolita41, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. lolita41

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    "Cock worship". That post is so great.
    I (longtime lurker) have almost the same story to share but this one is called "Vagina worship" [​IMG] .

    My husband adores to give me oral pleasure whenever he can or should I say, almost always.
    After so many years he "just worships" my vagina. His words.
    No matter if this is before or after the shower. He just doesn't care. I have hard times saying NO, every time I feel it's not appropriate. (When I have my period or I dont feel clean enough or whatever.)
    He just "worships" my vagina and he always gives me orgasms orally. Only than he gets calm even if we don't go on.
    He "idealizes" my vagina and few times he tried to provoke me to urinate on him.
    I used to find all this, very weird. Blow job was also "little weird thing" for me but I did it occasionally.

    Few months ago things changed.
    After so many years I fell in love in his penis [​IMG] . Don't laugh [​IMG] .This was like a thunder stroke for me.
    It just happened while he was sleeping naked with mild erection. I started cuddling with his penis and now I can t live without it [​IMG] .
    Now I want to have it all and I mean all. BJ and swallowing looks so normal now. I can't recognize myself. Neither can my husband .
    I just have the urge to give him the pleasure instantly, but actually, the joy is mine.
    Apparently, now I have the same "vagina worship" ("penis worship") that my husband had for me all this years but I had no idea how lucky was. It's so crazy and so great. My love and attraction towards my husband doubled and my god, I can feel the difference! And before all this I thought that my love was limitless!
    Lately I started wondering if I can surprise him with some slow urine flow but I have no idea how. He stopped provoking me years ago. I rejected that idea strongly.
    At the same time I don't want to do something that I will regret and I need your advice on this.
    Should I drink something before? Any tips or tricks?
  2. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    Wow, this sounds phenomenal. Congratulations. As far as the golden flow of peeing on him, get him involved and do it together.
  3. Marish

    Marish New Member

    Well, you said it - you feel like you're so much closer now to your husband than you thought possible, you both seem to enjoy each other immensely in bed. He obviously loved the fantasy/idea of you surprising him with a 'golden shower'. I do totally understand why you rejected this strongly back then. But hey, we all change, our perceptions of certain things change. Your motivation to want to do this might be because you want to please him through it, or maybe you just get totally aroused by the whole idea of it now, years later.

    I absolutely think you should go for it, but should probably talk to your SO about it first - maybe even when you two are getting it on... so either while you give him a head spinning blowjob or while he's eating you out - just let him know while doing that, I almost feel it's the most natural way to share something as intimate through words while being 'active' than just sit down and go like 'I wanna talk to you about something.' I don't know, to me, personally, it feels somewhat weird to sit down and discuss the sexlife. That's just the way I'd go about it if I were in your position, you might feel differently about it. I just think it might be a little weird if you'd try to pee while he's doing his thang down there and it won't work. I'm sure there's some nervousness involved in that moment when you first try it and I think it could be a little awkward if you're all focused on trying to make it happen. So maybe simply go 'Remember when you asked me to pee on you all these years ago? That thought turns me on so much-' I bet he'd be in for a nice surprise hearing that and I think it could make the experience so much more arousing and hot for the both of you to be vocal about it during the oral session. And when he's got you all hot and bothered eating you you will most likely not care how it sounds - mind you, I imagine he'll be rock hard just hearing it from you. And I definitely not think he'd reject the idea at all since it was obviously something he wanted to do badly years ago.

    So, that's the way I'd go about it. Maybe drink some before you wanna do it, then wait until you very much feel the need to pee, then initiate the whole thing - however you two always get to it. Let him eat you once you feel that peeing sensation and knowing it is actually from having to pee. Best let him only eat you and don't finger @$%*@* you, I think that could make it harder.. then if you feel it might happen, tell him about your desire to do it... and then have fun [​IMG]

    Once you guys tried it let me know, please, I'm very curious about how it goes for you [​IMG] Good luck!!!
  4. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    You said it.
    I am going to do this but as you said it he won’t discuss our sex life mostly because I was so closed about any subject during all this time. ( Did I mentioned the 2 kids?)
    Subjects like simple BJ, sex on different places or threesomes are totally forgotten and closed subjects. (For 7-8 years.)
    I am worried, that I might confuse him even more than he already is. Maybe confused in a good way only but I don’t want to rush into anything unknown.
    Anyway I decided that I won’t discuss the "golden drops" subject with him. I will surprise him, definitely.
    Just have to sort out the technicalities.
    Tips are welcomed!
  5. Marish

    Marish New Member

    Sadly I can't give any tips - never engaged in that kind of play... You have a basic idea of how you wanna 'do' it - or did he ever talk about anything specifically as for HOW he imagines it could go?
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  6. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    Maybe you should start with him trying to get you to squirt using massage of your G-spot, and then go from there. Or, in the shower together is a good idea - and no mess to clean up.
  7. PB & Jelly

    PB & Jelly New Member

    Loving your man's cock like you do is what I call an oral fixation...I have one too...I would much rather suck then be sucked. It really doesn't have to be in my mouth all the time just in my hands!!

    As far as the water sports...nothing is wrong if it is done between two loving people. I agree with OlderMan do it in the shower no mess and the soap is handy afterwards...that in itself can be fun. I would probably do it, but don't see myself ever consuming any, but to each their own...

    I have a great fetish website you could visit, I learned tons, will inbox it to you later...
  8. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    Of course. My post sounds like “I have it in my mouth” most of the time [​IMG] .
    That’s not true. That’s far from true.

    My affection and love towards my husband is now “extended” in a physical way. For the first time.
    “Cock worship” symbolizes that affection. I want to cuddle with it, hold it, have it in my arms, on my face, go to sleep with [​IMG]. Erected or not, doesn’t matter. That’s not the point.

    From my perspective, in the past, looks that my contribution in our sex life was poor . (Married for 11 years.)
    I “allowed” standard sex only, few blow jobs and that’s it. Not that I didn’t enjoyed or not being proactive.

    What I discovered now is full sexual “giving” . (“Cock worship.”)
    I would probably have no idea what’s going on if I didn’t received that already from my husband, in a form of a full “Vagina worship” giving. Every time.
    I hope so much that I am not too late.

    Regarding the “Vagina worship” and “golden drops” subject.
    This won’t be in a form of a “shower” or anything similar. Just small and slow flow of “golden juices”.
    At least that’s the plan. And I don’t care for cleaning after that. (Plastic nylons under the sheets.)
    Hope that my plan will work out well [​IMG].
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  9. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    Yesterday was a day to remember.
    And it wasn’t planned to happen. At least not yesterday.
    Morning started with a very bad situation at work.
    Later, one of our kids got a fever. We drove 15 miles to visit a doctor (friend) on a very rainy night.
    It was nothing serious. On our way back we got some medications and when we finally arrived home we were exhausted.
    Fever check, shower and sleep.
    I would say that one hour later I woke up and I started cuddling with his penis that erected immediately. I fall asleep 10 minutes later with his penis on my face. Then again, one hour later I woke up.
    This time my husband was working on my vagina, very very slowly. I was wet and excited so I believe he was already “working down there” for at least 5 minutes.
    I relaxed even more and I started to approach my orgasm very fast .
    Outside, rain was pouring very hard and I said to myself, now! I must slowdown and try the golden flow, now!
    Slowly I cleared the view for both of us. Gently grabbed his head and let him (his words again) enjoy the view.
    I accumulated a small amount of urine , “ready to go”. He was cuddling and working on my clit having no idea what`s going on. I had to wait for some “deeper head action” for one or two minutes. He finally went inside with his tongue and I slowly, VERY slowly released the brakes.
    At first he was confused for the longest 30 seconds in my life . He was like, ”huh”?
    Then he figured out what’s going on and I can’t explain the reaction.
    He became a totally different man that I can’t describe. Ecstatic joy, happiness, and passion. He literally, went out of his mind.
    After 5 minutes I reached my orgasm and he didn’t want to come up. He kept kissing my vagina , he rejected a blow job and he refused to talk! We fall asleep like that.

    Today I had 5 phone calls from him. In 20 years this is his personal record.
    I am still surprised by the experience and all this. In a good way of course.
    The mess is not such a big deal. Just go with very small dose and slowly.
  10. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    Are you sure you're urinating and not female ejaculating? The sensation of ejaculation is similar to needing to pee. However, if you are slowly letting it dribble out it sounds more like peeing than ejaculating.
  11. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    I’m sure its not a female ejaculation or “squirting”. I will try that somewhere down the road.

    All this is soooooo new for me and I don’t want to be overtaken by this newly discovered sexual-physical giving and love. (Actually looks that I’m already overtaken, 24/7.)
    The feeling is so incredibly strong and I don’t want to lose it by doing something over the edge. Or to fast or to early. Maybe I sound very stupid and immature.

    One aspect of my problems are “flash backs”.
    Sometimes I feel very sad (even low) when I compare my behavior now and all those years behind. It’s NOT a simple thing to find out that I was only “half” into my relationship with the man I thought I gave him all.
    Just an example what happened after the “rainy night” [​IMG].

    Talk about the “Vagina worship” [​IMG] .
    Today, out of nowhere he give me one incredible oral orgasm on empty parking lot.
    The sad truth? This reminded me that he tried this so many times before and I was always, either in a “bitchy” or in a “not appropriate” mood. NEVER HAD THAT. Eventually, he stopped asking, until today. Who knows how many similar scenarios were lost and rejected by me while at the same time I was sure that my love was so high.(Or was it low average?) And he had to absorb all this.

    This really saddens me.
    Am I overthinking all this?
  12. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    No. Yes. Doesn't matter.

    You can only go forward into the future from here, so do. There's a reason that windshields are so much bigger than rear-view mirrors. Look forward and enjoy your new-found lust and love. [​IMG]
  13. Weirdartist

    Weirdartist New Member

    PB&J is that a general fetish site or specifically for golden showerers?
  14. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    That’s the plan [​IMG].
    Suddenly I have so many crazy ideas [​IMG].
    Also something great happened today and I will try to update you later. Kids are getting crazy .
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  15. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    I was asked not to trim or shave my "V", for few months.
    Huh [​IMG]
    Then I got this Idea.
    I want to shave his penis.

    Tips are welcomed again [​IMG].


  16. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    Use a new blade. [​IMG]
  17. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    Shaved him today.With a new blade [​IMG].
    It was increadable. And he survived [​IMG].
    During the shaving, my kneels were shaking like never before.
    Such a turn on. Wet and horney as never.
    Had two orgasms. On my own. I touched my self in front of him for 10 seconds and there they were.

    Also, I was about to be shaved too but we had not enough time.

    I learned that me shaved completely or not at all is a huge turn on for my husband.
    So, shaving will happen very soon. [​IMG].
  18. OlderMan

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  19. lolita41

    lolita41 New Member

    Vagina worship?
    Two days ago I was shaved. Than licked. Than massaged. Licked again. Massage again. You know what's next. And again. And again.
    I cant walk. I really cant. Im afraid to go to bedroom. And I cant play with his penis that much.[​IMG].
  20. OlderMan

    OlderMan New Member

    Isn't spirituality great? [​IMG]

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