Vitex (angus castus, chasteberry) and Vitamin B for PMS, Pill transitions

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by MyrtleWarbler, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. socalgal

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    I was reading about Vitex on the web and about how it works, by increasing the amount of dopamine in your bloodstream... Dopamine is the nuerotransmitter that people with illnesses like schizophrenia have an excess of. I have two siblings with mental illness, and although I am fine, I don't want to go anywhere near adjusting my dopamine levels! So just to let anyone know who might be pre-disposed to that kind of illness to be careful....

    Here's one of the articles....,3923,4094|Vitex,00.html

    I guess I'll just stick with the Red Raspberry tea for now.... Thanks guys for all the tips and help!
  2. Gini

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    I finished my final pack of birth control pills this past Saturday. I have been taking prenatal vitamins and Vitex since Monday. I started my period this morning and experienced mild cramping until after I took a dose (2 capsules) of Vitex. I have not had another twinge of discomfort. Even after ten years on birth control pills, I would still have very painful cramps and upset tummy aches the first and sometimes second day of my period. I feel great so far today. I know the Vitex is supposed to take a while to work, but I feel that it has already worked for me. OF course, I haven't begun the withdrawal from the BCPs since I am on my sugar pill week, but I'm hopefull for Sunday when I don't put those horrible chemicals in my body.
    I have an appointment next Wednesday to *BEG* for an IUD. I am 29 and have never been pregnant. My husband and I do not want children now, possible never. I have never been to this ob/gyn and amnot looking forward to having to convince a medical professional I should have an IUD. But I have 10 years of negative side effects from the pill on my side.
    Like the rest of you, I am so fortunate to have this forum. My husband found it while searching for answers to my "problems" that we now know are caused by the pills. Thanks!
  3. Guest

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    Hello Ladies! I found this thread while doing a search on Chasteberry. I have PCOS and have been off BC Pills for 3 1/2 yrs. now. I have been taking Chasteberry for a month now because my hormones are sooo bad! I have acne, facial hair, head hair loss, irregular periods, weight gain, etc. I got my period, it's very heavy, and it's going on 10 days. That's a little scary. I am hoping that this Chasteberry helps to regulate my hormones so I can become PG. I was told by a Naturopathic doctor to give it 6-8 months before TTC. I just wanted to share my story. [​IMG]
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    Like a lot of others, I'm glad I found this site. The internet can be an amazing thing.

    I came off bcp in September and we have been trying for a baby unsuccessfully since then. Weirdly, periods have been relatively normal (30-35 day cycle) but I don't seem to be ovulating according to the urine tests. Have been on vitex for about a month. Has anyone else had this experience (periods but no O)? and does Vitex help? Also, is it normal to not be ovulating this long after stopping bcp? Any thoughts welcome!
  5. Netemedtotrolde

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    I just started vitex to regulate my post-pill hormones. The first batch of vitex I got was a liquid, holistically balanced, and on the bottle it said to take 1 - 2 mL three times a day for a total dose of 3000 - 6000 mg a day.

    I also found vitex as a capsule and on that bottle it says to take one capsule a day, containing 500 mg. Does anybod know what the recommended dosage is? It's a big difference from 3000 mg a day to 500 mg a day. Anybody found anything about dosages?

  6. Kellifer

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    Has anyone's depression worsened when taking vitex for over a month?

    I am on my seventh cycle post pill and have been taking vitex for two months and yestersday on the 6th day of my luteal phase i had the deepest depression i've had in months. Like my head was being crushed like an old can and my soul was slowly dripping out.

    I am upsetting my fiance with my hopeless and miserable thoughts and I find myself thinking negatively a lot of the time and wanting to kill myself.

    I'm beginning to believe I will never recover from this and don't want to go on anymore. Things seem to get a little better and then suddenly I'm feeling back to square one. I don't want to make my other half miserable anymore and there doesn't seem to be much to live for.

    The best years of my life have been ruined by the pill. It would have been a lot quicker to have just drunk rat poison.

  7. the gryphon

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    Kellifer: I replied to you on the other thread. Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk "off line"...
  8. Kellifer

    Kellifer New Member

    I just posted about my negative effects of Vitex on the 'how are you feeling post-pill thread'. I thought it was really helping me but it has worsened my symptoms dramatically after two months on 800mg a day. Here are the links I found to it's problems.

    Blog page


    "Possible side effects from use of Vitex agnus castus

    a.. Headache
    b.. Nausea
    c.. Rash or sensation of ants crawling on skin
    d.. Increased hot flashes or night sweats
    e.. Nightmares
    f.. Emotional crises, exacerbation of depression, suicidal ideation
    g.. Unwanted or unexpected vaginal bleeding
    h.. Reduction of the efficacy of birth control pills "
  9. amylou

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    Hi Kellifer,
    Im sorry to hear you are not feeling too good at the moment.
    I had some of the listed side effects with vitex. the only good thing that happened when i stopped taking the pill was that my cycle was regular but then i started vitex and didnt get my period till later!
    I seemed to be getting a bit better last month and was taking evening primrose oil but then switched to vitex but then started feeling very down again!
    Just thought i would let U know that i am one of those people who have bad reactions to most things too!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Amy xx
  10. Kellifer

    Kellifer New Member

    Thanks Amy, it's nice to know I'm not alone in this. I haven't taken any Vitex today and so far I think I am feeling a little better, but it was usually in the evenings that I had problems the worst, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    I'm looking into the 5HTP and info about seretonin in general, as my remaining symptoms seem to fit the low seretonin profile. Dark choclate is a good lifesaver at least. Not a very long lasting one though unfortunately. I think the Vitex effects dopamine levels and I may have too much and little seretonin.

    I hope things improve for you soon and that allthis info becomes commonknowledge so other women don't have to suffer like this in the future. It really blooming sucks!
  11. Abby'smom

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    I just wanted to let people know that my experience with Vitex was really good. When I stopped BCPs in 2000, it took about 15 months for my cycle to return to normal and I had to use Provera 4 times along with clomid. This time, when I got off of the NuvaRing, I started taking Vitex. After 44 days I got AF. Much better than doing Provera and waiting for so long. I haven't had any negative side effects like the above posters had so I guess I got lucky.
  12. Guest

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    I've been taking vitex for about a month now, I'm not trying to get pregnant and have I haven't got my period yet. Does anyone know if you're supposed to take vitex everyday including when you're on your period? Also is there anyone who has high prolactin and had any luch with vitex?
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi. I've just started taking vitex. The reason I began is because I only ovulate every 4 months, and am trying to get it more regular so I can get pregnant.

    My main question about vitex that I haven't been able to find online is this:
    Since it increases your LH levels, how do you know when you ovulate? Do you just have to take it for a few months and then guess when you're next ovulating?
  14. Guest

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    My gyn just put me on a Vitamin Diet to help me cope with my PMS. Horrible mood swings, depression, very sensitive a week before my period.

    She put me on Complex B vitamin. When I took it, it made me feel funny and weird. I thought it was just me being silly. But I stopped taking it. And I would feel fine. Then I would try it again - and same weirdness would happen. Just a "not there" feeling and a little of a headache. Dizziness. EXTREMELY hungry. Couldn't sleep if I had taken it during that day.

    Finally, yesterday I talked to a girlfriend. I asked if she had ever been on it. She said yes but it made her feel funny and she stopped taking it.

    I couldn't believe it. It wasn't just me. ; )

    So - I've thrown away my bottle of pills. I'm now just doing calcium, multi-vitamin and 250mg. of magnesium a day.

    Anyone else feel the weirdness with Complex B?
    Thanks and love this website/board.

  15. sammything

    sammything New Member

    What I noticed on the B Complex was the hunger; like I was never was really bizzare. I have tossed them and now take the St. John's Wort to help mood stability...
  16. Guest

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    I read an article on Vitex and it stated that women with endometriosis shouldn't take it. Does anyone know why?? I am worried that I have endo (seeing a doctor tommorrow actually) and thought that maybe I should stop taking Vitex. I've been off the pill for three months. Only had one period but lots of ab pain (hence the worry about endo).

    Just wondering if Vitex is a good idea.

  17. SupaKat

    SupaKat Member

    A parent called the school where I work and in discussion she mentioned a special type of Omega 3 which she uses with her child, who has been diagnosed with ADHD.

    I asked what type it was and she referred me to this web site. She said this particular Omega 3 is not available in the US, only to order from the UK.

    Seems like a pretty good source for Omega 3.
  18. loopylou25

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    For those of us taking Vitamin B, what dosage are you on? I'm taking a multivit with the Bs in it (100% RDA) a B-complex (200% RDA) and B6 (500% RDA). I'm a bit scared of taking too much, but I really need an energy boost (just stopped smoking as well).

    Cheers lasses,

  19. Guest

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    O.k I've been reading all the vitex and stopping the pill posts on here ,and would just like to post this if anyone has any advice or comments they are more than welcome.I am really gonna try to make this a short version of my problem.I am 34 , had a tubal in 92 after my only child, before i gave birth my period was really scant and very unpredictable as to when and how long it would stay.
    I really didnt have a lot of emotional issues with it or bad bleeding or cramping .Well after having my child it become really normal ,a very nice change , well Im guessing around 2001 it went waaaaaaaaay outta wack almost constant spotting for very long periods of time, ok so Doc puts me on bc right away to regulate it tryed a few diff. ones , no luck. Then was sent to the Womens clinic, He had done all He could .They did an internal ultrasound ,and even a biopsy ,plenty of blood work ,and the best i still got was hormonal .So i stick it out with ortho tri lo and actually it statred working for awhile Id say a good year of a normal ,light period .So this year starting at the end of jan, I end up with a u.t.i.,wich was treated with antibiotics .Two weeks later a cold ,I took a z-pak for, more antibiotics .Then the
    Dentist found an absess from an injury to a tooth He gave me penicillin for .Well needless to say by the end of Feb, I am constantly spotting im assuming because of the antibiotics interfering with the bc. I even had brown dischage in Feb ,dont believe I even had a period to speak of ,but anyhow it finally stops, and BOOM 3 days into march I'm spotting again daily and have been every since .I cant see my doc til the 31st. but im sure He'll just suggest toughing it out and to keep taking My pill ,wich I am but doing some research I discovered Vitex and it sounds good to Me . I'm 8 days I beleive into My pills for this month the spotting is relentless I can get away with only a couple liners a day but there is always blood in the tiolet and when I wipe . Annoying to say the least it almost has Me to the point of depression. I took My first Vitex capsule I got from GNC a few hours ago .So any advice on any part of my problem is more than welcome,ecspecially if i should ditch the pills .Of course Im gonna call my Doc but Im thinkin He will have no knowledge about Vitex.Since I dont even need them to prevent birth I would have no problem ditching the pill.It will be awsome if Vitex really can straighten me out .Like I said before anyone please reply if you can help ....woooooo that was suppose to be short . LOL !p.s. any advice on dosage of Vitex ? the bottle suggest:s one tab a day. Thanks for reading
  20. Guest

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    Anyone have any advice at all about taking vitex with ortho tri cyc lo?,Im two days into taking vitex ..Im on ortho to regulate period .Its not working ,it did for about a year then i think antibiotics taken while sick screwed it back up.Im not worried about the fertilty part as my tubes were tied in 92,I think I need to finish this pack instead of stopping 9 pills in .really I just want to stop bleeding .Its maddning, Ive been spotting and bleeding the bigger part of two months now ,any help welcome

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