what causes a period NOT to stop? hormones? which one?

Discussion in 'General Health' started by MC, Sep 1, 2006.

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    I am not familiar with which hormone does what. Which hormone causes you to start a period and which hormone would cause you to STOP having a period and return to a normal cycle of events? anyone know?


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    Actually if all else has been ruled out (eg fibroids, over vascularization of the womb lining etc) is the most common cause of menstrual flooding is iron deficiency.

    It's commonly known that iron deficiency is a result of menstrual flooding. What is less well known is that it is actually a cause. Because iron is needed by the blood vessels control menstrual flow.

    Of course, when a woman loses too much blood as well, she loses other nutrients as well and her iron deficiency is compounded so she can end up very deficient in a number of important nutrients which also help control bleeding and it becomes a vicious circle.

    Since the widespread prescription of steroid sex hormones, iron as a cause has been downplayed, alhtough it has been known for centuries that iron deficiency can cause ovulatory menstrual flooding.

    Taking prescribed steroid sex hormones does not "balance the hormones" or "top them up" in any way. What it does is suppress them completely and also suppress not only the menstrual cycle but menstruation itself. The woman does not menstruate whilst on these drugs but has a drug induced withdrawal bleed and thus underlying nutrient deficiencies remain and get worse. The problems are only masked not solved in any way.

    The bleed the woman gets whilst on the drugs is only because she comes off it once a month, the drug levels in her body fall sharply and the womb is forced, entirely artificially, to shed its lining. But this is not menstruation and nothing to do with her own hormones. It's a drug induced bleed although it's often called a "period" or even "menstruation" by docs, nurses and manufacturer leaflets which does leave many women under the false impression that it's their own "delayed menstruation" which it definitely is not.

    Another problem is that docs do not always carry out the right iron test. The haemoglobin is the iron and oxygen compound circulating in the blood. The serum ferritin (not just ferritin, serum ferritn) is the iron store. When haemoglobin falls low, it draws on the serum ferritin. So just measuring haemoglobin levels can be misleading because it's being topped up and the serum ferritin may be still low when the haemoglobin levels seem high.

    So it's the serum ferritin test that's needed. It's also a good idea to get a copy of the serum ferritin results. They're easy to read because the patient's results are put beside the normal range of results. It's also good to know that even if the results are the low side of "normal" a person can benefit from supplementation. There are also non constipating well absorbed irons available.

    Some women do have problems absorbing iron. Symptoms of iron deficiency can be much more wide ranging than is commonly known because it's essential for so many processes in the body and is needed to oxygenate the body. For example it can affect thyroid as well. It can cause digestive problems. Brittle nails. Hair loss. Breathlessness (but if a woman has it long term she may not realize that she is breathless because she has nothing to compare it with). Restless legs. Itching. Chapped lips. Little cuts developing at the corner of her mouth.

    One old test used to be to pull down the lower eyelid to see whether it was well supplied by blood vessels. Unfortunately now if a woman has taken steroid sex hormones as contraception (the Pill, jab, implant, patch, ring, hormonal IUD etc) or as HRT or being prescribed similar drugs to mask acne and menstrual problems, she may get over vascularization of the lower eyelid because all steroids can cause small superficial blood vessels to occur. So it's often not a sign if a woman has a reddish lower eye lid that she is not iron deficient. Indeed, many women develop contract lens intolerance when on steroid contraception etc or "red eye".

    If the woman does take iron she should also take zinc (and probably also add in essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 and definitely the vitamin Bs which increase iron absorption). Taking iron lowers zinc levels and that's why women should take zinc separately from taking iron - something again which unfortunately is not often done.

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    thank you FLOWERPOWER for your responses. You are so knowledgeable---I appreciate you so much.


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    I'm really flattered :) I've actually just got knowledge about what I've had to find out for my own health - once you find the right literature you start to put two and two together yourself and apply it to your own experience.

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    well you sure have helped me and I am very thankful. I have already started taking the stress tabs, although I am only taking 1/2 tab a day because after I read that Dr's report on taking 500 mg of VIT C causing clogged arteries, I was scared to take that much C a day.


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    Can you tell which doctors report? Is there a link on the web?

    I have to say that a number of reports come out each year which rubbish some of the most vital nutrients while other nutrients such as calcium are falsely hyped as osteoporosis prevention for example (calcium does not help bone density - it's magnesium and zinc which are the vital ones - too much calcium can cause kidney stones and infertility).

    There are some reports which also read very scarily in the popular press but when you research into it you find a) it's not at all proven b) There is nothing outlining whether the patients in the study were suffering from conditions or taking medication which could have influenced the results.

    But I don't blame you for deciding to be better safe than sorry. But a lot of women do need the full dose of vitamin Bs so you may find it helps to take a vitamin B complex on its own and leave off the vitamin C if you're not sure. I'd like to see the article though if you can find a link.

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    hello again. Look at the topic that says " Vit C good or bad in mega doses"I copied the article from the internet. I will go back and find the link on the web.


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