What diet tips have really worked for you?

Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by jevsteralija, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. jevsteralija

    jevsteralija New Member

    I have tried every diet book out there. So far, the only thing that's worked for me is a raw diet but I never can stick to it for long!
  2. Weirdartist

    Weirdartist New Member

    hiya, my best tips are don't overly limit your foods, as this will lead to yo-yo dieting which is invariably unhealthy. Go with a sensible diet that allows for treats and a few glasses of wine along the way. Best bet is to try and increase exercise too, it is amazing how many times a day even a static office worker can do small movements at a desk, clenching buttocks, wiggling feet/legs/fingers, its all good for you [​IMG]

    You should aim to loose around 2lbs a week over a long period of time, this way you will be healthier, happier and the weight will stay off. When you have reached your ideal weight (talk to a doctor or nurse if you are unsure of your target weight) you can simply tweak your diet so that you stop loosing weight.

    Good luck [​IMG]
  3. John Parker

    John Parker New Member

    Don't go for raw food. Have boiled veggies instead. And salads, fruits and sprouted legumes. Along with this you should drink plenty of water. And do some exercises. This will help you

  4. lovelyme200

    lovelyme200 New Member

    HCG works, but you have to go to a doctor
  5. Allon Watson

    Allon Watson New Member

    Great thread and helpful..
  6. Thelma Elliot

    Thelma Elliot New Member

    I had tried a diet program called Fat loss program, the diet had helped me lose weight my boosting my metabolism. Aside for the diet try incorporating exercise on your daily routine, this is really important if you want to lose weight.
  7. Advanced Male

    Advanced Male New Member

    There are all sorts of diet tips – some useful and some crazy.
    Some of tips mentioned here which may help you:

    * Keep a Food Diary

    * Don't Crash Diet

    * Exercise Regularly: Although exercise alone isn't an especially effective way to lose weight, it's a great addition to any diet plan

    * Don't Ban Foods: Some people think that if you're on a diet, you "shouldn't" eat any chocolate, cookies, chips, cheese, or any other "bad" foods you enjoy. The truth is, in moderation, you can eat what you like. Of course your diet is going to be unsuccessful if you're scoffing dozens of cookies each day – but one cookie or one small candy bar isn't going to have much impact.

    * Don't Ban Foods
  8. kimmchu

    kimmchu New Member

    I started cutting out soda and sweets. I prefer more veggies and fish other than meat. Then in the morning I do jogging or long walk. When I am too lazy to go out, I do zumba. I locked myself in the room, and follow steps on youtube. It takes time for me to see the result, but at least Im satisfied with whats happening to me now.

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