What is your favorite sex positions?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by festus, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Blacie

    Blacie New Member

    I like all, but not for too long. I think my favourite is from behind (me on all 4 or laying down) and misionary with my legs on his shoulders. Also I like to be on the top, but sometimes I just don't feel confident enough to go up.
  2. PriscillaSabina

    PriscillaSabina New Member

    I think For women who want it deep lay on your side and bring the leg that is on top bend it up to your chest, let the man straddle the bottom leg and enter you from there that gets really deep, you might want to tilt the top hip towards the bed slightly. Works best from missionary position stay inside her and move into it by swinging her leg over. Great for the guy also because he can control it from holding the hips in the position that feels best.
  3. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Member

    Ours is called "clasping". Wifey wraps her legs around mine in missionary. It's vey intimate when done slowly and quite sensual when we both tighten our legs towards the end when we're both feeling a bit more urgency.
  4. EugeniaBozena

    EugeniaBozena New Member

    The man sits up with his legs stretched in front of him. The woman sits on top of the man with her legs on his shoulders and using her arms to support her, she can start thrusting. Once this technique is comfortable, take it to another level by staying in the same position and having the man lie all the way down on his back while the woman stretches her legs above his shoulders, planting her feet on the bed. The woman’s hand should be on his knees for support. Now this does require practice but the results are so worth it. It’s the ultimate satisfaction for the woman because the harder she goes, the deeper it feels. It will take some practice to master it but once you do, it promises hours of fun.
  5. Sum1toluv

    Sum1toluv New Member

    Doggy style, although this makes him blow quick!


  6. Sum1toluv

    Sum1toluv New Member

    Now this, I have to try!
  7. Summer101

    Summer101 New Member

    .. my favorite position is ANY position whereas I can feel every inch of his penis. I like laying on my back with my legs over his shoulder. But I like creating new ones as we go along... I just like feeling him inside of me.... everyday all day !!!! Got to have my man.
  8. caroline0607

    caroline0607 New Member

    I like being on my belly, my hips back slightly and he comes from behind. It's really my favorite but I can't really explain why (it's not the most orgsmic one, I just really like it...).
    Otherwise I like to be on the side, my leg up to him ... he comes realy deep like that and it's just amazing.
    The missionary is also soooooo good
  9. namy

    namy New Member

    i have an obsession with doggie and with all positions in which i m dominated.
    sometimes i m wondering if there's something wrong with me, lol.

    and eventhough this doesn't qualify for positions...i m cumming a lot only at the sight of bondage fantasies.

    p.s: hello people :p
  10. als

    als New Member

    What positions are your favorite and what would you consider different than normal positions, that you have tried?

    For intimate love making of course I LOVE for him to be on top, both holding each other closely and normally we kiss very passionately [​IMG] For kinkier stuff him standing while I'm laying on the edge of the bed because of the deep penetration and he rubs my clit at the same time - Always feels great!

    Out of the ordinary...Well...I'll get back to you on that later...Can't really think of anything just yet..We've been together since Feb so everything is still relatively new [​IMG]
  11. Weirdartist

    Weirdartist New Member

    my legs behind my head him on top works quite well, but I also like laying on my belly with a pillow under my abdomen, him on top. I too like to be dominated to an extent. I liked being taken against the wall with my legs around his waist but I'm too big for that now! (worked well in the shower too!)
  12. downdog

    downdog New Member

    this is not so much a 'position' as it is a practice. when i am on my back and she is sucking me, i will stop her and sit up so i can kiss her. she is straddling my legs, open and exposed so i can touch her clit while i kiss her and hold her. i am still all slippery from her mouth so she strokes me while i touch her. it is incredibly intimate, she has incredible orgasms that vibrate between us. i will usually then lay back and hold her for a bit, then she goes down on me to my finish.

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