When is the Essure Lawsuit Commercial out?

Discussion in 'Permanent Contraception' started by kc9ewj, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. kc9ewj

    kc9ewj New Member

    The reason I ask is because I wish I never did it. The doctor has me get a shot, that I later found out was Depo and it messed me up before I had Essure. After I got Essure things seemed ok from March 09 until June 09 when I went to the er with pain I thought was a uti. I had an ultasound and found out my right tube was filled with fluid. Since then I have been in pain on both sides on and off and can feel the coils in the tubes. My periods have been messed up and not normal, I have been gaining weight and can't loose it, have headaches, emotional issues and sore breasts now. I went to a new doctor and he took blood to check some issues and hormones. I will be having an ultrasound again this month to check my tubes. I hope things will get better but not sure. The stuff I read on here is scary and I wish I did not get this. If I see one of those lawsuits on tv I am calling. If you are thinking of getting this done... Don't.
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  2. dlm61910

    dlm61910 New Member

    I had the essure done in January 2007. Right aftr I had it done I bled so much they put me on double birth control. I went for my 3 month check up they said every thing was fine. Now I have very heavy periods and I have cramps from my stomache down to my knees. I regret having this done. Now I am reading storeis that people are getting pregnant after they had the procedure.
  3. QueenKong

    QueenKong New Member

    I had my essure procedure done in dec 2010. Everything went fine at first but soon turned into a nightmare. I bled for 6 months straight after that. My obgyn who performed the procedure sent me to another dr to stop the bleeding and he couldnt stop it either until he put me on the nuva ring. I couldnt have the confirmation test done 3months later because i couldnt stop bleeding. finally when it stopped i made my appointment for the test to be done but here we go again.... i started bleeding again. now i have periods twice a month. ive lost weight and cant seem to gain my original weight back. i have no appetite and i become light headed randomly. i went to the ER numerous times but all they tell me to do is follow up with my OBGYN but hell if she dont know wtf to do how will i get this fixed. I want this procedure reversed and i found a dr to do it. im getting this crap out of me asap its been a year of torture and im still going through it!!
  4. cml

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    I have many complications since my essure procecdure they keep increasing in severity please post or respond if there are many others out there suffering
  5. caseynmy2boyz

    caseynmy2boyz New Member

    I had my essure procedure done 3 months ago. I have been in pain the entire time since. The coil on my left side has broken off and is causing me severe pain. I am only 28 years old and now I am forced to have a hysterectomy to resolve this problem. I really need an attorney to talk to immediately!!!!!!
  6. kym4

    kym4 Member

    Check out facebook Essure Problems page. It's a closed group. Erin Brockovich has also set up a website for women who are having problems with Essure. You might be able to get more answers there because there is a big movement to get Essure off the market. The group is really active.

  7. joleen

    joleen New Member

    I had essure for a yr. My left cpil was in my uterin wall! Had a hysterectomy 7wks ago and am 100% better!!!
  8. jenngrant2413

    jenngrant2413 New Member

    had the Essure procedure done May 2011. I have had so many problems since i had this put in. I had a pulmanay embolism (blood clot in the lung) 2 months after the procedure. I have constant back pain. I also have neuropathy in my right thigh. I have cramps that are worse than labor pains. I hav swollen limp noods without an infection. If u have the same problems dont hesitate to message me. I live in central western Virginia. Had this done at University ofVirginia.
  9. jeanelk

    jeanelk New Member

    I had the Essure procedure done in November of 2010. I did everything right, going back for the 3 month dye test, which was good. However, I am now 3 1/2 months pregnant with our 3rd child and there is no explanation for it. My OBGYN couldn't believe it and I actually called Essure myself to report my pregnancy and a nurse representative told me no one had ever reported a pregnancy after receiving the procedure. We have consulted with a lawyer to see if we had a case for anything per our OBGYN. Due to the lack of complaints or reports for the product we were informed that there really isn't a enough for a case right now. It was worth a try, due to the fact that I planned on returning to work and any financial help would have been nice. We are embracing the thought of a new baby and believe that this must have happened for a reason. That being said, there is no excuse for Essure to not be lowering their success rate and making the product out to be the best on the market. I hope that these problems are all being reported so that Essure may assess the risks and the effectiveness of this product. All of these health problems and hysterectomy's are nonsense, please ladies report this to Essure, they NEED to know. No one should have to be suffering such complications.

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